Superfoods — you are what you eat.

It’s no secret here that food plays a very crucial role in having a healthy body, but do you know that consuming the right food helps you to have beautiful skin too?

Yes, it does! In fact, there is a category of food called “superfood” that gives you gorgeous skin! Before we go any further, what is “superfood”? Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. We have listed down a few superfoods that are known to promote not only better health, but also beautiful skin and hair!

10 Superfoods for Beautiful Skin and Hair



We all enjoy spreading this buttery goodness onto our sandwich or have it with our salad, but do you know that avocados have some powerful health benefits? Avocados are high in fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, Folate and Magnesium. Studies show that by consuming avocados regularly, it can help in weight loss, reduce the cholesterol level, and lower the chances of prostate cancer. When it comes to beauty, the fat in avocados helps plump the skin cells and prevent dryness and wrinkles. On top of this, the monounsaturated oil is also beneficial for inflamed skin conditions such as acne or eczema.



When it comes to superfood, you cannot avoid from Kale. Being a nutritional powerhouse, kale has a long list of benefits. First of all, kale is high in antioxidant and it has the ability to absorb free radicals – which prevent elasticity loss of your skin. Secondly, they are low in calories and high in fiber and you may want to consider having kale as part of your diet plan if you plan to shed some weight. In addition, the high level of Omega 3 in kale promotes healthy hair, skin and nails too!



Blueberries not only taste good as your toppings or snacks, but these little blue pearls are packed with antioxidant, increase circulation for a glowing skin, prevent acne, high in fiber, facilitates hair growth and prevent premature greying of the hair.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seed

Chia seeds have been around for ages and many would incorporate chia seeds into their diet plat for losing weight. However, many might not realize that chia seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids in a single serving more than a serving of a salmon! Not only this healthy fat prevents heart diseases, but they are important in reduce dryness and inflammation on skin, increase circulation which results in glowing skin. Also, chia seeds help to boost skin’s cell turnover and moisture level, high in antioxidants, and help you to feel and look less bloated.



This small brown fruit is packed-loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Kiwi help to rejuvenate the skin, regenerate the cell which results in more flexible and youthful skin, keeping the skin firm, prevent hair loss, treats dandruff and eczema, prevents premature greying, prevents sun damage on the skin and many more.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Chips

Yes ladies, chocolate have major beauty benefits! But before you go rushing off stocking up chocolates in your house, bear in mind that we are talking about dark chocolates here. Dark chocolates help protect the skin from skin damage, improve blood flow, promote healthy glowing skin, and combat wrinkles.



Tomatoes have been used in many ways, from sauces for pizzas and pasta to finger food in cocktails. Apart from tasting good, tomatoes have many beauty benefits too.  Tomatoes enable the skin to absorb oxygen and prevent the signs of aging, protect the skin from harsh UV rays, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.



Oysters are widely known as natural aphrodisiacs that are great for fertility. With its high level of zinc, they help in generating collagen, which is very crucial in skin repair.  On top of this, zinc helps strengthen the nails and healthy scalp. In addition to zinc, oysters are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which replenish healthy fats of the skin, which results in supple and youthful looking skin.

Sweet Potatoes

baked sweet potato chips

Sweet potato is one of my personal favourite. Regardless steam or mash, sweet potatoes just taste so good. Little did I know they come with quite a few beauty benefits too. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which will be converted in Vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A helps skin to regenerate by itself and combat both wrinkles and acne at the same time. Also, Vitamin is important for strong, healthy hair and nails.



One of the best food sources for omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps to keep your skin supple and moisturized, protects the skin from sun exposure, repairs damage skin, and keeps both your bones and teeth strong and healthy!

 What we consume will have effects on your skin, and by having a healthy diet full of healthy fats, antioxidants, Vitamins, and amino acids will definitely help to have fresher, more glowing skin. What are your favourite superfoods?

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