My mother isn’t the one who is fussy about beauty. Therefore, she does not give a crap about going completely bare-faced or what lipstick color should she get. Instead, she cares more for her skin. Beauty Remedies by My Mother

However, her routine is pretty simple: facial cleanser, moisturizer and the occasional masks session. She has the clearest skin with little freckles on her face (which she hates, by the way), but she swears by her beauty remedies.

Since I’m all about beauty and skincare myself – I’ve decided to have a sit-down with my mother, and unveil her DIY secrets (not that it ever was a secret). Caution though, it may or may not work for your skin type – please be careful of any allergies!


Mayonnaise as Deep Conditioner

“First of all, the reason why this old school method works,” my mother says, “is because of the fat to protein ratio.” Wow, my mom’s a scientist, I thought. “The protein in the eggs helps the hair to be stronger and the oil will make them softer.” She recommends to leave it for 15-20 minutes. “Don’t forget to shampoo twice.” Okay, mom.


Olive Oil for Nails

“I don’t understand why people would rub garlic on their nailbeds!” she lamented when she heard me complaining about breaking a nail.  She took a bottle of EVOO and poured into a bowl, demanding me to dip my fingers in it. “You have horrendous nailbeds – crackly and dry,” she said. “I would’ve advise to apply them lightly consistently, but you’re in DIRE need.” Mother knows best.


Coconut Oil Moisturizer.

I ran out of lotion, so I decided to ask my mom out to join me on a grocery run. “Coconut oil’s in the kitchen cabinet,” she mumbled over her Sidney Sheldon novel. What? “Shower in it, if you can. Helps with the inflammation and your eczema.” What eczema, I whispered as I scratch a red mark in between my fingers. As I went to read up on it; coconut oil helps to repair the skin barrier and trap water to hydrate the skin. It’s safe to say that I now have a giant bottle of coconut oil in my shower.


Use Honey as Hair Conditioner

I had forgotten to shampoo after second day hair, and I think you can imagine me scratching through my hijab. “Your scalp’s unhealthy. Next time wash your hair in the night so you will wake up with a fresh head for hijab tomorrow,” when she heard me complaining (it’s either I am a whiner or her ears are just crazy). I knew for sure that honey helps to bleach the hair naturally, so I Googled. It turns out that using unprocessed honey helps to create a healthier scalp AND prevents dandruff. My mom’s a witch.


Beach Sand as Face Exfoliant

Everytime. Everytime we’ve ever hit the beach – my mother would always force my sisters and brothers, even my Dad. “”Slowly, slowly!” she screams over the waves. “It’s harsh and abrasive, but it helps to remove dead skin cells!” All I ever wanted to do was to mask myself to not be identified with a screaming mother in a public beach. Cringe.


Any beauty tips or advise from your moms?



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