3 Simple Beauty Tips — just for you.

Not that I’m saying that you are not gorgeous enough. You are anything but!

However, I do feel that sometimes all we need to do is just to enhance our natural features.

These tips might be a no-brainer; but sometimes — it’s the simple, little things that we often forget.

Beauty Tips #1: Teethy Smile

Don’t forget to smile | Source: Pinterest.com

As if you need a reminder on that! Right?


Smiling is the most underrated act of gesture that we would have done.

The first thing that people would notice is your smile. Genuine or not, it doesn’t matter so long as you dazzle, girlfriend. It is said that ‘a smile is a universal language’, therefore first impressions are highly important.

Now, whenever you smile — your teeth automatically becomes more visible. Hence, it is very crucial to take good care of your dental hygiene, as it makes the first impression.

I would suggest you to book yourselves regular dental appointments or have yourself a DIY teeth whitening kit to try at home!

Beauty Tips #2: Spritz Fits

Smelling good will always leave you feeling great | Source: Pinterest.com

Don’t you hate the moment when you’re caught in a space with someone else’s stench?

Ew, gross.

Please take regular showers and using decent basic hygiene, people. Be sanitary, for God’s sake (okay, being a little dramatic here).

One other important consideration that should be taken care of is your choice body mist or perfume. In case of perfume, always remember that two to three spritz is always good; do not get overloaded with perfumes.

For daily use, I personally love using body mists from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works. They are usually light and airy, perfect for on-the-go basis. Therefore, shop the fragrance which compliments your lifestyle. Sickly sweet smells are my thing — what are yours?

Beauty Tips #3: Putting on Make-up

You can never be sad when you put on makeup… unless you ruined your eyeliner | Source: Pinterest.com

There is no right or wrong way to wear your makeup.

Whether you enjoy beating your face with a full coverage makeup or if you prefer tinted moisturizer and lip balm

Girl, you do you, okay.

If there is anybody telling you that you’re wearing makeup the wrong way, don’t take any offence. You either learn, or keep on doing your thing.

When your eyeliner is on point, your whole life is on point.

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