benefits of argan oil

The benefits of Argan Oil is what makes it to be one of the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty.  Argan Oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan Tree which originated from Morocco. Nowadays Argan Oil is widely used for beauty.  The versatility is what makes it a miracle oil, even it can be safely used in its pure form.  No doubt, the highly sought beauty ingredients now is the Argan oil.

Rich in beneficial vitamins and nutrients including vitamin A, Vitamin E, anti-Oxidants, Omega-6 and  fatty acids.  Argan Oil mainly used for the hair and skin, which makes it a popular cosmetic choice for many celebrities and used worldwide.  Though Argan oil can be slightly expensive,  it’s not just for the rich and famous.  Read below to know the benefits of Argan Oil.

What are the benefits of Argan Oil?.

 Moisturizes the Skin

benefits of argan oil

Argan oil is an ideal product to give skin a natural boost and make skin more hydrated and soft.  In addition, Argan oil also absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating that makes it a great natural moisturizer.  It is also easy to use all over the body, including the face and neck.  Simply lather a few drops into your skin using gentle rubbing motions, as you would with any face and body lotion.

Softer, Shinier and Silkier Hair

benefits of argan oil

Apart from a better appearance for the hair, Argan Oil also an ideal hair conditioner to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. Recently more shampoo manufacturers has included Argan Oil in one of its formula.  The purpose is to make hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive shine to any hair style.  Other way to receive the benefits is just by applying a few drops of Argan oil to your hair before you sleep at night.  Do this at least one or twice in a week and you can see the results.

Delays Aging for your skin

benefits of argan oil

Every woman would love to receive a compliment on their skin especially if their skin looks younger than their age.  For that , what you need is Argan Oil.  It gives skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.  Its anti-oxidant effect makes argan oil the ideal anti-aging product. In addition, Argan Oil restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.  For the most prominent anti-aging effects, you can massage a few drops into your face and neck.  It acts as a moisturizer and anti-ager all in one.   Your skin will thank you in long run.

Stretch Marks, Go Away!

benefits of argan oil

Attention to all pregnant women out there.  Woman would pay a lot just to get rid of stretch marks.  Instead of going under the knife or getting a cosmetic procedure done, Argan oil is the safer option.  Argan oil is said to be the ideal protection against stretch marks and sagging, puckered skin after birth.  It  increases the elasticity of skin.  Regular use a few drops of Argan oil to rub into stomach and bottom  during pregnancy will reduce the possibility of developing  stretch marks.

Have you tried using Argan oil in your beauty routine and noticed a difference? Share with us the benefits of Argan Oil that you like the most.

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