I’ve been having problems with a good night’s sleep lately.

Is it the weather? Since it’s getting near to the end of the year, Malaysia has been hot and cold. You have a thunderstorm in the morning, and it’s piercing hot in the afternoon, only to have drizzle on your way home from work. Maybe.

Are my surroundings the culprit? Phone is tucked away at night, as I have been trying to discipline myself. Cats are sleeping in their cages (they will scratch my door, begging to come in for like, only 2 seconds). My sister’s snores? Wait, I sleep alone. Hmm, what could it be?

This made my skin all synonyms of lackluster — my skin is not able to look its best – even when I’m at my 8 hours nightly sleep! Although, to be honest, to start each day looking like you got that full 8 hours in the night before – you need to sleep at least for 18 hours! Ironically enough, I stayed up all night to research for the perfect sleep routine and it’s actually easy peasy!

I don’t wanna bore you guys with all the technical stuff, so I figure I’d skip that and go straight into the products. However, if you prefer scientific basis – let me know!

Ahead are a few tips on how to look, and ultimately feel your best, every morning, using just a few key nighttime ingredients.

Here’s the breakdown:

This is so worth the extra hassle before slumber! Applying a quick and easy mask like The Body Shop Drops Of Youth™ Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask or  Orgaid’s Antiaging and Moisturizing Organic Mask replenishes your skin with moisture you may have lost throughout your day.

Night Replenishing Cream

Source: Instagram.com

Source: Instagram.com

A night creme like Dr. Alkaitis’ works its magic while you sleep — restoring, revitalizing and hydrating. Besides that, adding a few drops of rosehip oil will make your skin feel that much more alive. Other than that, I am also a fan of this intensely revitalizing facial oil.


Source: Instagram.com

I can’t stress it enough — water is everything. Therefore, I keep a 2-liter water bottle on my bedside table, every night. After all, we all know it’s just more than quenching the thirst.

 Dream spray

Source: Pinterest.com

Last but not least, if you have trouble falling asleep, lull your mind into dreamland with a few spritzes of this dream spray onto your pillow. I’m not a personal fan of having scented sprays, as my nose is very sensitive – but I heard it worked wonders!

In that case, maybe we can sleep in after all?

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