Products that you only need you will THANK me for!

Because I can show you not just best products for acne scars, but also for the pesky post-acne marks!

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“Okay, let me get this straight girl. You couldn’t stand looking at your zit, and “accidentally, of course, moved your finger onto your face and broke the first rule of thumb in every philosophy of skin care would tell you, NOT to squeeze your zit, but you did anyway.

That’s okay, wash your hands, repent, and bookmark this entry. Because this will be your holy grail, just in case if you will be ‘repenting’ the second time or, to infinity.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. First-aid kit for the fresh scar.


Once you pop your zit, you are forcing an ‘opening’ to your pore, thus inflamed upper dermal layer, as you are pushing out the dirty blood and puss inside. As a result, you got yourself a fresh, new scar. At this stage, your body’s natural healing system will be sending a lot of self-repairing ‘agents’ to re-close your opening and to fight external bacteria potentially coming into your pore. Like putting back new bricks to rebuild a broken wall, these ‘agents’ will reproduce new skin cells and collagen to restore the skin back to its original shape.

The key is to be gentle to your skin as much as possible.

Once you ensure every single drop of puss has been pushed out, the kind of ‘first-aid kit’ you need at this stage is products that promote cell growth and stimulate collagen production, ASAP before hyperpigmentation causes even deeper and darker acne mark. Horror. My personal favourite is:

Body Shop Tea Tree Targeted Gel, RM42 + Tea Tree Oil 10ml, RM42

Body Shop salesperson recommended this to me when I was looking for a solution for my chronic acne and scars. He advised to kill bacteria using the tea tree oil and when the scar is finally dried out, restructure the scar using the treatment gel; he was not kidding! The purity of tea tree content is very potent, worth every cent!

I have very sensitive skin and low tolerance for any form of skin inflammation – acne. Sensitive skin is prone to get dark acne marks real fast especially if the layer is not protected by a sunblock. If a scar is left untreated (unless you have a very good immune system), the healing may be underdeveloped and you may get an atrophic scar, which is way harder to treat.

I put this on the fresh acne scar as the last step of my skincare routine after moisturizer. Putting sunblock in the day and try staying out of the sun during the healing process is also recommended. However, it’s always best not to pick on your acne.

2. Red/pink mark.


The scar is only externally healed, but sometimes especially people with sensitive skin, you are still left with red marks. It’s called vascular acne scars. The internal healing is still incomplete as the blood capillaries underneath the scar are still inflamed and close to the upper dermal of the skin – vasodilation of capillaries.

At this stage, your scar is at early onset of forming into dark spots. It is the most crucial stage to continue using products that promote cell turnover and collagen production, but with loads of antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A; and protect the area with a good sunblock.

Tips! The acne scar area that still has active blood flow has high absorption rate since the skin layer is still underdeveloped so this is the best time to put on that intensive treatment! But beware as it is also most sensitive to sunlight – vulnerable to free radicals. Don’t forget sunblock.

Oils of Life, Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, RM199

The recently launched Oils of Life range has been successful due to their newly added ingredients, magical seeds of oil: the Rosehip seed oil,  the Camellia seed oil and the Black Cumin oil (Habbatus Sauda), known for their richness in antioxidants and benefits to quench your skin! This product by far has received very good reviews for its skin revitalising ability: healthy, glowy looking skin. Recommended as a nourishing sleeping treatment at night time.

Well treated red marks will reduce the chance from forming deeper and harder to eliminate dark spots. Try it!

3. Mild dark spot.


Now that the scar area is no longer inflamed (red mark is gone), you practiced good skin care, you achieve the ideal mild post-acne mark. At this stage, the skin cells and collagen are back in their original place but due to unavoidable hyperpigmentation, you are now left with a small dark mark, smiling at you in the mirror.

Oh wells, at least, it’s mild.

At this stage, you have the option to opt for rich in vitamin C products or light exfoliation to induce natural skin renewal process, chemical or physical. Vitamin C is known for its brightening properties while skin renewal process will eventually turn dark spots back to your original skin tone.

Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion, RM109

It is now safe to use an exfoliator!

Its vitamin C content comes from the Camu Camu berry and it is also a light physical exfoliator. The scrub is not harsh as it contains shea butter that softens the skin aftermath. Overall your whole skin will also look refreshed from the effects of exfoliator and vitamin C.

Tips! Achieve fast results when combining intensive serum containing antioxidants and vitamin C as part of your skin care routine! New, healthy skin cells have good absorption rate too, so you maximise the full benefits of your skincare products.

4. Deep dark spot.

Chances are, by the time you’re reading this entry, it is probably already too late. You did not treat your scar well while it was still fresh and you left your pink marks untreated and unprotected. That’s fine. Move on.

At this stage, the healing process is complete but you are left with a prominent dark spot, that goes deeper down the epidermal layer and exaggerated hyperpigmentation. While still continuing with your exfoliation routine, the additional products that I recommend are usually the ones that contain melanin inhibition and discolouration reversal properties.

Tips! Hydroquinone is a known ingredient to reverse discolouration and inhibit melanin production. But usually, these products will include high-potency acids to improve absorption and promote skin renewal, that will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. So sunblock is a must, or the result will backfire – you get sunburned easily.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, RM230

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Peony extract and Activated C work in synergy to help penetration of vitamin C deep down the epidermal layer to reverse discolouration. White Birch Extract improves hydration to promote better absorption of the other two ingredients. It is really amazing how Kiehl’s combines three power ingredients so the discolouration process works optimally with maximum efficiency. Now, this is a product worth having for!


  • It is always best to seek professional medical advice before buying products especially if your acne is a medical case.
  • Don’t over-scrub. Listen to you skin.
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