Don’t you just love the feeling of a freshly washed face? Try a face mist for a quick lift!

Facial Mist…I know I do. Every time I get out of the shower, I feel so refreshed because my face is dewy and moisturized.

Usually, I would have to put make up on to go to work or even for a casual hang out.

You know the drill. After awhile though, I started feeling horrible because I realized that I have caked on make up and it just feels too heavy.

When you’re out, it’s almost impossible to go wash your face because you have make up on.

However, that’s literally what I wish for every single time I feel hot and sweaty after a good day or even a night out. Luckily, there’s facial mist!

Spritz, spritz!

Before this, I did not think that facial mist would make any difference to my daily routine.

Obviously because I was too young to know the wonders that this little thing can do to my skin after long hours of caking make up (touching up is always a bitch).

At first, I bought a small spray bottle and just fill it with tap water and bring it wherever I go.

In fact, it made my make up super runny after a couple of spritz, smudged my eyeliner and destroyed my (non-waterproof) mascara. I mean, sue me for not wanting to waste my water-proof mascara for the days that actually require it. Moving back to the point… I was disappointed.

After asking a few people, they suggested that I use a make up setting spray.

That was I don’t have to constantly touch up my make up because it will last all day.

After that day, I have never stopped buying make up setting sprays.

I have bought so many that I know which one does the job and which ones work no better than tap water spiked with fragrances. I have also found various facial mists that doubles as a setting spray!

For the days that I have to wear thick make up, I carry these around and spritz it on whenever I need to be refreshed.

No touching up needed and my face glows like the scorching Malaysian sun!

These are my favorite facial mist, up to date:


Moonshot Mist Essence Moist


Make Up for Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray

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Sachajuan Ocean Mist


DrGL Sun Protection Mist

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Arcona Desert Mist


Mario Badescu Rose Water, Aloe Vera and Herbs Facial Spray

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