Most of us are searching for collagen products to improve their health and beauty. But do they actually know what collagen is? What are the actual collagen benefits for skin? Are they just following the trends as they heard people are raving for collagen products so they want it too? If you are actually following the trends and curious to know the exact collagen benefits for skin, please keep on reading.

Before I share with you some of the collagen benefits for your skin, let me define collagen in a simple way. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body which helps to support skin, muscle, bones, hair and nail growth. It is essential for our health and appearance especially reducing sign of aging. Collagen act as a glue that stick everything together.

Collagen however getting lesser and lesser as you grow older. When collagen in your dermal or dermis are decreasing, it causes fine wrinkles, sagging eyes and uneven skin to appear. That is why as we are getting older, it is good for us to improve our health and beauty by taking collagen supplements or products, making it as a part of our routine.

There are a lot of collagen benefits for skin that you might not notice before. However I would like to share only five important benefits for you to decide the goodness of taking collagen as your daily supplements.

#1 Collagen Benefits for Skin: Reduce sign of aging

Collagen helps you to reduce the sign of aging. Too much exposure of sunlight and pollutions can fasten the process of aging due to decreasing of collagen in your dermis. This situation may cause your skin to become sagging, and enhance the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which usually appear under your eyes and around your mouth. By taking collagen as your supplements, it helps you to maintain your complexion.

#2 Collagen Benefits for Skin: Reduce cellulite and stretch marks

Cellulite happens because of lack of collagen. Collagen helps to hold the fat that appears as cellulite and stretch marks that is why collagen is important for skin.

#3 Collagen Benefits for Skin: Moisturize your skin

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Are you having a dry skin? Collagen helps you to keep your skin moisture.  It contains amino acid which helps to moisture and keep your skin hydrated. This could improve your skin and make it supple and soft to touch.

#4 Collagen Benefits for Skin: Minimize scars

Collagen helps to diminish dark spots and scars. Amino acids in collagen helps our skin to heal faster as it actually functions in promoting our skin and tissue formation.

#5 Collagen Benefits for Skin: Increase skin elasticity, firm and tone skin

When are getting older it is hard for us to maintain a firm skin. Decreasing of collagen production is the main cause for our skin to get sag easily. By consuming collagen, we could ensure our skin to get enough supply of amino peptides that helps improve our skin appearance at any age. It helps to tighten our skin too.

Collagen also important for our hair growth and stronger nails. Hair and nails are mainly made by keratin, minerals and collagen.

There are many others collagen benefits for skin and health that may support the facts that collagen is important for your body. Yes you may not stop the aging process but you can take actions by improving your appearance. Take collagen, it is not only good for your skin but also good for your joints and helps you to lose weight. Keep in mind “your actions today define tomorrow”.

Consuming collagen may lead you to a healthier hair and nails. Try taking collagen supplements or drinks such as Cocoa Collagen Shake by Sendayu Tinggi for only RM28.50 to improve your collagen regeneration. It is good to consume and heal from the inside to the outside. However, if you are not a fan of having supplements, try to find any skin care products which contain collagen. You will feel the difference on your skin.

So what do you think? Does this help you to decide whether it is important to consume collagen products? If yes, how are you getting started? What collagen products are you taking? Let’s share with us by leaving some comments below!

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