They say aging is a process that I irreversible but it can be slow down with the right tools, in this case, the right remedy. Age we age, every process in our body will reduce down, for instance our ability to think, our vision, the strength of our bones and, the elasticity of our skin. With the help of medical science and technology, regeneration is applicable in every position.

Pills, fillers, creams and drinks are one of the few cosmetic needs that are introduced to defy the aging process. The easiest access is the drink, collagen drink which is cheap, accessible and tasty.


Benefit of Collagen drink

Collagen drink is one of the most consumed cosmetic products these days, where it varies in flavors, texture and collagen content, yes, there are numerous types of collagen, from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Collagen itself it a protein that is abundant in human and animal body, which as mentioned before, decreases as aging takes place.

Which is why, many of us take an alternate choice by applying collagen in our diet to help with the ongoing collagen producing process. Some of the known collagen that are being consumed are Bovin, Fowl, Piscine and V collagen.

Collagens are consumed to cure skin wrinkling, strengthen the bone and tendon tissue and maintain the motion of the tissue.

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From protein to collagen powder and to a glass

The bones and skins of animals get boiled and collagen is extracted, and from there, it gets turned into collagen powder, where flavours are added accordingly to our liking.

On average, we require about 5000mg of collagen, in powder form but the requirement can vary according to physical needs and each powder collagen drink contains about 20mg to 50mg, so you can drink up to four to five cups a day, depending on your prospect of need for collagen intake.

Just make sure you don’t go overdose on it. Collagen are high in calcium and when overdose, the side effect outcome will be nausea, vomiting, and pain in bone.

Unlike certain energy drink where the temperature of the water is very specific, collagen drink can be served hot, warm or chill. It’s up to you. The temperature will not affect the collagen’s exertion.

After all, our tongue can take up hot drink with maximum temperature of 40® C without burning our tongue.


What happens after drinking collagen drink?

As mentioned, not everyone is same, body wise. For instance, when the doctors say you must drink eight glasses of water per day, it does not apply to all of us. Some of us don’t need that much of water intake and some of us, need more than eight glasses per day. It all depends on our body system.

In other words, the after effect of collagen can be seen within days for some people, weeks for others, and in some cases, it could be after a few months.

However, you will notice the changes in your body. You will look youthful with a glow effect. Your skin will look tighten and young, because generation of new cells will speed up, which is one of the functions of collagen intake, and your nail and hair will look healthier.


Who should take collagen drink

Anyone can take collagen drink as daily supplement, whether you are young or old because it brings the optimum benefit to everyone. Yet, it is best taken by those with dry skin, since collagen is mainly recognised for skin rejuvenation. For those experiencing join pains are welcomed to try the collagen drink as collagens are made from tendons and bones.

By taking up the drink, the production of collagen in the irritant area will increase, hence reducing the pain.

For those of you who loves fruits, especially citrus fruits, when you begin to take up collagen drink, try to avoid fruits like oranges and apples, the acidic kind of fruits because they tend to lower the collagen’s ability in strengthening and their elasticity ability.

Aging happens to everyone, no one can escape from it. So, relax and get yourself a glass of collagen drink and let the collagen help you slow down aging and improve your body’s ability to rejuvenate.

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