Don’t you ever wish you have a pair of long and pretty eyelashes? As an Asian myself, I understand it is not easy for us to be “blessed” with such eyelashes naturally. Since this is the case, mascara became a very essential part of my makeup routine. Unfortunately, constantly curling and applying mascara is actually pretty harmful for the lashes. Furthermore, it is even more harmful to our lashes if we do not remove the mascara thoroughly. Realash comes to the rescue!

Tough, huh??


Some time ago, I stumbled across brand named Realash Cosmetics. It’s a French product and one of their star products is the Realash Eyelash Enhancer. Ever since they first launched, the product has took the cosmetic industry by storm and is highly recommended by many bloggers.

So, how does Realash work? Well, our lashes generally need 30 days to grow and our mature lashes will fall off before the new ones are fully grown. Realash helps the lashes to grow faster and stronger! Their products are 100% safe as they uses natural ingredients that doesn’t irritate our delicate skin around the eyes area.

Let’s take a closer look at Realash Eyelash Enhancer.

Realash Eyelash Enhancer for a Longer, Fuller Eyelashes


Before I go any further, I really love love love the minty packaging of the product.

The brush tip is thin and soft, and the application is super easy.

Carefully remove makeup and dry the skin around your eyes

Apply the enhancer on your upper eyelid

And… you are done!

So, I’ve been using the products for few more than 3 months and let’s see the results!


I consider myself to have long lashes, but they are not thick enough.

Моето мнение за серума за мигли Realash или има ли чудеса, когато сам платиш за тях?

My lashes thicken after 1 month of application but the difference wasn’t very obvious. To my surprise, I could definitely see the difference in my lashes. Not only my lashes have grown longer and thicker than before, I realized they are much stronger too.

I apply mascara on a daily basis and my lashes are getting brittle over time. However, after applying Realash, I notice my lashes are not as brittle and they don’t fall off as bad as before!

Overall, I’m really super excited that I’ve found this product and have been recommending to people around me.

Worry Realash Eyelash Enhancer might not suit you? Fret not! Realash is intended for all woman especially those with short or weak eyelashes by nature. It’s even suitable for sensitive eyes!

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