Foundation is a necessary step in your makeup routine but it’s also the easiest step to screw up.

That’s why we have rounded up some tips to help you get it right every single time you apply it.

Tip#1 Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

There are basically two types of foundations out there

1. Powders


2. Liquid Or Creams


Oily Skin

If you have oily or blemish prone skin go for a powder foundation.

They are less likely to clog your pores, they help reduce shine and give you a matte finish.

 Dry Skin

If your skin is on the dry side then your best friend is the liquid or cream foundation. They help your skin to retain motorization and give you a more dewy finish. Also, they look more natural too.

Normal Skin or Combination Skin

If you have normal or combination skin,  you can use either.

Tip#2 Use the Right Application Technique


A lot of experts out there recommend you to start at the centre of your face and work your way out.

We tend to have more redness in our ‘T’ zone area, so it makes sense to have the most coverage there and then spread it out where you need less.

Also, always apply your foundation in downward strokes.

Tip#3 Make It Last Longer


We don’t want our foundation to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, so to avoid that follow these steps.

First, apply the face primer to prep your skin and then apply your foundation.

Wait a few minutes for it to settle and then gently blot your face with a tissue.


Finally, set the look with the setting powder and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

Tip#4 Use the Right Application Tools


When you apply, you have three options your fingers, sponge or a brush. Each gives you a different look but if you want an even coverage then a brush is best.

Different brushes will give you different effect.

Choose a Stippling Brush for light coverage.

A tightly packed buffing brush if you want medium coverage.

Go for a Flat foundation brush for heavy coverage.

Tip#5 Don’t Forget to Blend


Here is the most important tip. You don’t want to have a foundation mask so make sure that you blend your foundation all the way down to your neck. Otherwise, it’s too obvious that you’re wearing makeup.

Tip#6 Find Your Perfect Shade


A good way to do that is to test a few shades on your jawline because it’s more accurate than testing it on your hand or arm. Apply a few shades that are a close match to your skin tone and choose the one that disappears the most on your skin.

Tip#7 Create Your Custom Shades


If you find you’re in-between shades then just mix them together to get the perfect shade. It’s good to have two foundation colors anyway as we tend to get lighter in the winter and darker in the summer.

If mix the two shades together during those in-between phases you’ll always have the correct shade.


Going into summer use more of the darker foundation. In the winter use more of a lighter one.

You’ll never wear the wrong foundation again!

You can watch the video here:

source: Top Foundation Tricks to Try Now | The Cut with Susan Yara

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