Having a glowing and healthy skin has been one of the girl’s dreams. Especially after watching Korean drama, I must say that i envy them too. Their skin look so glowing, healthy and supple. Even though some of them are not having a pretty face (Korean are famous with plastic or cosmetic surgeries), however their healthy skin is undeniable. That is why I’m going to pry and share some of their skin care routine that we should try on. For your information, this tips is from a Facebook user and a doctor, Hana Hadzrami.

Korean people took precautions and actions for a long-term result, unlike us Malaysian who loves quick result which will harm us in the future. So what are the skin care routine practice by Korean that we should take note and learn?

Eat healthily

Korean people are so particular in taking care of their health and their beauty. When it comes to eat healthily, Korean has no problem in doing so. Korean parents taught their children to eat healthily since they are young and most of their meals are boiled or steamed. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you may see there will be a lot of vegetables dishes on their table every time during dining scene. For them, vegetables can be categorized as their main courses.

Starts from young age

Korean starts taking care of their skin since they were at a very young age. They eat healthily, drink a lot of plain water, and take good care of their skin. Unlike Malaysians, most of us starts taking care of our skin once  our skin has been covered with acne and others skin issues.

Glowing Skin Care Routine – Korean Style

Korean put a lot of efforts on their skin care routines. They always put on sunscreen to protect their skin from UV rays. UV rays can cause our skin to age faster. Besides that, to us, skin care routines could be only for cleansing, toner and moisturizing but not for Korean. There are at least 7 steps for them to keep their skin healthy.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #1 – Remove make up by using cleansing oil

It is good to use cleansing oil as one of the way to remove makeup. This is because to keep our skin balance. Ordinary makeup remover removes makeup and oil on our face, making our face dry and produce more sebum. When cleansing oil is being used, the good oil from the cleansing oil takes over the bad oil on our face leaving our skin clean and supple without dryness. You can try out camomile silky cleansing oil from The Body Shop for only RM 75.00. It helps to remove makeup effectively.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #2 – Double cleansing

Now that you have clean up your skin with cleansing oil, use facial foam or cleanser to clean your face again. When impurities are already remove, your cleanser can work better and make sure a deep pore clean.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #3 – Toner

Toner is also important for you to remove any makeup leftovers. It also helps to balance your skin pH back to normal after facial wash.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #4- Essence or emulsion & #5 Serum

After toner, apply essence which is lighter weight than serum on your face to keep your skin hydrated. Serum is for specific issues such as brightening and anti-dark spot. It is more concentrated than essence.Apply on your face after you had applied essence or emulsion on your skin.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #6 – Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a must too. It helps to keep the serum in your skin and keeps your skin hydrated to prevent sebum. Moisturizer can also diminish large pores.

Glowing Skin Care Routine #7 – Face Mask OR Sleeping Mask

Korean also use face mask or sleeping mask before they sleep. This is to keep their skin healthy and supple.

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What you eat define what you will be. That is why eating healthily can be a fresh start. When you eat healthily, then your skin care routine will works wonder.

So what do you think? Is it hard to apply on your daily skin care routine? If you really want a glowing, radiant skin like your K-pop Idols, it won’t be an issue to practice. Everyone wants to be pretty right? Any recommendations? What is your skin care routine? Mind to share? Leave us some comments on the comment box below ❤

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