Hair loss is nothing less than a nightmare. But it happens with everyone due to several reasons such as weather change, due to a wrong product that might have not suited you or because of dandruff. This is possibly why countless people are seeking for efficient natural hair growth treatment which proves effective. While there are range products available in the market, the majority of people still choose employing the usage of natural spore treatments.

In case you are looking out for natural remedies, then the best place to look is inside your kitchen. The ingredients in your kitchen come with effective formula for hair growth.

Here are some of the natural treatments for growth of your hair to get that crowning glory back.

1.Pay attention at your food


First, you need to start by adding few essential nutrients in your regular diet. Consume lot of zz and also decrease the intake of carbohydrates to encourage natural growth. You must try to stay at distance from the diet which comprises of high amount of fat as it will lower down the speed of hair loss. Vegetables, fruits, soy fish, fatty acids, sunflower seeds along with other highly nutritious foods also work wonder for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

2.Amplify Iron Intake

If your body is iron deficient, start consuming iron as deficiency of iron results in hair loss.

Low iron intake in the diet results in weak and dry hair, and finally hair fall even when you’re doing regular things like combing or applying shampoo.

vegitable II


3.Lemon and egg


Natural growth of hair can also be achieved by this simple formula. All you are required to do is mix egg batter with lemon juice and apply this batter once in a week on your hair after washing your hairs with a mild shampoo. It will bring back the natural luster in your hair and promote hair growth. In case you face frequent issues of hair loss it is recommended to use a mild shampoo.

4.Olive oil

olive oil, olives

Olive oil works wonders on your hair, it is an extremely efficient treatment for the hair growth. To get even better results apply the combination of olive oil and almond oil. Just massaging it on your scalp for about 15 minutes in a stimulating fashion every day will promote your hair growth.



Various herbs such as silica, aloe vera, rosemary, horsetail etc are extremely beneficial for the growth  of your hair and also are very useful in keeping the hairs healthy.


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