LUSH offers what is the best for you – fresh handmade cosmetics. Yes, you read it right! If you prefer freshly made and organic products, you will easily find them at the LUSH stores. I was recommended to try this brand by one of my friends. LUSH is an innovative company and they are transparent about their products. I love how the cosmetics are made and matched the needs of all skin types. Maybe they never claim they are all natural. However, most of their cosmetics are indeed handmade and fresh! Some of their products are actually 100% natural if these what you are looking for. Let’s learn a bit about LUSH.

Lush store


In 1790s, Mark Constantine, a trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist started their own business by selling natural products for hair and skin. Until now, they prefer to use fresh ingredients and safe synthetics for their cosmetics. Mark and Liz also had been the biggest supplier for The Body Shop in 1980s. They create handmade herbal products in their own kitchen and share the goodness with the consumers. After selling their formulas to The Body Shop, they built a new company ‘Cosmetics to Go’.  Years after that, they came up with LUSH.  Their journey is well-explained under their Fresh Handmade Story.




Their handmade skin care line covers from head to toe. They are really famous for their colorful and unique products. LUSH have always used natural preservatives such as salt and honey to keep the products last longer. They aim to use less or do not use synthetic preservatives at all such as Paraben and Benzyl alcohol. It claims that more than 70% of their products are self-preserving. It means the products do not need any artificial preservatives to keep themselves fresh. Besides that, one of their policies is fighting against animal testing. Their products are tested on human volunteers. LUSH only buy their ingredients from the companies that do not commission test on animals. They walk their talk.

For Muslim buyers, I suggest you look up their ingredients before buying them. This is just one of the precaution steps to make sure that the ingredients safe to use, especially regarding halal and non-halal components.  I think all of us have to do some reading before buying cosmetics unless you do not have any serious skin problems or allergic. However, the products would be more effective if we bought what is necessary for our skin.




 It is a brilliant effort to spread their belief on animal testing. It is awarded annually and it focuses on alternative safety testing and complement projects.  There are prizes for Training, Science, Lobbying, Young Researchers and Public Awareness. I was amazed when I read about the Lush Prize.

So far, I could not find any LUSH store in Malaysia. Most of my friends buy their products through online. However, you will find some of their product on Lazada. I hope LUSH would open their official store in our country soon!

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