Want to look good and feel fresh every day? Try spending some time in your kitchen and gather up a few easy-to-access ingredients and make your every own homemade face mask without spending any money and without dabbing any chemical residue in the masks.

Benefits of homemade face mask

Face mask is a mask of course, that contains many nutrition for the face, it’s like cleansing your face. In with the good, out with the bad. Our face absorbs the vitamins and minerals in the masks and moisturizes the skin as well as unclogs the pores in the face. Remember, clogged pores result in pimples and blackheads. Face mask is a long lasting yet, painless method to improve the face complexion, except for the peel off masks. Yes, those hurts, unless if you got no hair on your face.

Unbeknownst, not all face masks are made from natural resources.

Various types of chemicals are added to the masks for cosmetic purposes to improve skin appearance. In some cases, using such masks can cause damage to the skin rather than making it better. this where homemade face mask comes in. the whole purpose of homemade face mask is to rejuvenate your skin.


The celebrated coffee face mask

Most of you know about coffee face scrub, which basically acts as removing dead cells on your face, by letting the face mask mix dry out and you wash your face. The Coffee face mask is unlikely to scrub, in fact it is far more than that. The coffee is by nature, very rich in antioxidants and caffeine. The antioxidants in coffee fights skin related diseases, for instance dry skin and fungus. As for caffeine, whatever it does to our body internally, it does the same thing for the skin. The caffeine, when you apply to the face, the skin gets tight and you will look radiant.

You can mix the coffee with a squeeze of lemon and apply it to your face for as long as you want and just wash it off. If you don’t like lemon, you can always use coconut oil or olive oil, which helps in keeping your skin moisturized. If you like scents, rose water is always a pleasing option to sooth your soul. Honey, yes sweet honey goes very well with coffee to create a face mask. The amount of sugar in the honey will nourish your skin and the viscosity in the honey will help in absorbing the coffee into the skin.


Homemade tomato face mask

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Tomatoes are some of the best and most used masks nowadays. Sometimes, you can cut in in half and rub it all over your face and neck. Then, just let it dry out. Or, since tomatoes contain water, you can just blend it and put in your face and let it dry. If you prefer extra benefits, add a few drop of jojoba oil or coconut oil in the mix and rub it all over your face.

Tomatoes are best for tightening the skin and shrink open pores in the face. By using tomato face masks three times a week, the rate of wrinkles will reduce for those with less tighten skin and if you have not reached to the saggy skin stage, wearing the masks will slow it down. not only that, tomatoes helps fight away acne and dry skin.


Homemade fruit face mask

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Fruits, which are very high in vitamins, known to be natural antioxidants and keeps our skin radiating when we eat them. but, turning it into face masks also provides the same benefits. You can make your own fruit face masks with blueberries, watermelon and cucumber. All you have to do is blend them together and it will become into a thick paste. Apply it to your face and take a short nap.

you can combine other fruits and turn it into your very own homemade face mask such like papaya, kiwi, orange, strawberries, apples, grapes, and banana. just don’t forget to get rid of the seeds. it wont be a smooth mask with the seeds in it.

If you like scented oils, you can add a few drops of essential oils to sooth your leisure time.

By applying the fruit face masks on your face, vitamins from the fruits will get absorbed into your skin, leaving it looking fresh and radiating.


Remember this always

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Just remember, when applying face masks, make sure there is room for your skin to breathe. Too much oil can decrease the entering of oxygen into your skin. Hydration is very important. So, keep your face masks as simple as possible. So if you want to incorporate Aloe Vera or even coconut oil, make sure the mask is runny.

It doesn’t matter what you mix with in the coffee grinds, as long as you like it, because that is the beauty of homemade face mask.



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