Jumpstart these tips now on how to get thicker hair!

“We all dream to have thick, luscious locks. If you were me, still living the childhood dream, there’s a high chance you, too, are constantly always in adore of Disney princesses’ hair. They are always impossibly voluminous, always stay put, healthy, just something about the hair really gives out the vibe of feminity. Attractive. Elegant. Young. Need I say more?”

 I’m not talking about that thick Oompa Loompa’s hair.

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I mean Selena Gomez’s thick hair. I hope we are on the same page now.

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But, in reality, to achieve the ideal thick hair, it requires hard work, hacks and if you’re lucky, some good genes would be very helpful. Dream of having a thick hair is a first world problem for Asians usually because we are genetically bound to have fine hair.

Shall we begin? First, to know how to get thicker hair, you need to know:

2 important factors about hair thickness:

1. Number of hair follicles

The number of hair follicles is already decided since you were born. Obviously, you cannot do anything to increase the number.

So, how to get thicker hair?

What you can do is minimize the rate of hair fall and encourage faster hair growth.

2. The thickness of each of your hair strand.

The thickness of each of your hair strand is very connected to your genetical factors. But you can influence it but it needs to start at the very beginning stage hair growth, what most hairdressers would say, the ‘baby hair’.

So, how to get thicker hair?

This requires taking care of your overall health and nutrition demands, and volume-increasing type hair routine.

Alright, let’s cut the chase and jumpstart these thick and voluminous hair hacks now and you will see results ASAP!

1. Use volumizing hair care set (or for hair growth if you’re trying to grow out your hair).

This should be very direct and obvious. You should already be doing this by now, you are guilty as charged if you don’t. Hair care set meant to smooth out, to soften or to moisturize will weigh down your hair, so avoid those kinds, please.

So, how to get thicker hair?

If you have a fine hair, volumizing type of shampoo is an absolute must.

If you are trying to grow out your hair, opt for the ones that shampoo that encourage hair growth.

This type of shampoo does not indirectly grow out your hair, but it is usually the ingredients, the nutrition formulated in the shampoo are scientifically proven ingredients needed to help in the growing process. Different brand uses different prime ingredients. Do your research and try what you think is best for you hun.

2. If you’re experiencing hair loss, get to the bottom of it!

If you are experiencing hair loss of 3, 4 strands every day, that’s normal. But a clump of them each time you pull your hair, and instinctively you already know that this is abnormally too much, listen to your gut feeling, something is definitely wrong. Then you need to get to the bottom if it, real quick! Here are some factors you’re experiencing hair loss:

  • Stress (a very common factor).
  • Supplements that have side effects (speaking from personal experience).
  • Wrong shampoo (personal experience too).
  • Delay from washing my hair (okay, I am so guilty of this). If you have oily scalp or lead an active lifestyle, please wash every 2, 3 days.
  • Brushing your hair too much
  • Bad eating habits. Not eating enough greens and fruits.
  • Trying to lose weight.
  • You’re not keeping yourself well hydrated.

Basically, you must NEVER assume it will go away on its own. Especially if you are still young, it is not normal to lose too much hair.

So, how to get thicker hair?

Treat yourself from within also encourages the growth of new, healthy hair strands, so you can go for the maximum thickness you are able to go for.

3. Go for the layered hairstyle.

A layered hairstyle gives the illusion of volumized hair. People usually have this misconception that if you grow your hair longer, you will get that voluminous look just like the celebrities on TV. Actually, to get that thick, healthy hair, requires inside out hair care routine and a duration of time of about a year to finally get your dream locks, that is if you are committed and diligent.

So, how to get thicker hair?

If you have short hair:

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If you have long hair:

4. After shower, blow your hair upside down. And then flip your hair to the back.

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Highly recommended for longer hair. If you have been to a hair salon, you will notice that the hairdresser usually blows your hair outwards. But at home, it is much easier doing it this way.

5. DIY wavy hairstyle.

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If you have naturally wavy hair, great, you can skip this. But if you have semi-wavy or naturally straight hair, you might want to learn how to DIY a light wavy hairstyle. A little rolling iron here and there could tweak that volumized look in no time!

5. Use clip-in hair extensions.

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This is the most powerful voluminous, long hair hack just like the Disney princesses. It is what celebrities do, what hot moms use to still look young and lively. It is a go-to hack if you want a quick long hairstyle to go to class, or to have fun on Friday night without dyeing and damaging your hair. Watch this video to have a gist on how to use the clip-in hair extension. There are loads of tutorials on Youtube you can refer to.

6. Hold your hair with styling spray.

In Malaysia especially, the hot and humid weather can weigh down your hair before even going through half of the day as the hair loses moisture and becomes dehydrated. All that blowing and ironing will be wasted if you don’t protect your hair with a layer of protective shield.

Last one, how to get thicker hair?

Choose the one that adds shine to your hair, locks moisture and holds your hair 24 hours.

Hairsprays are also meant to aid your hair straightening/curling routine as they protect you from the heat and to prolong their stay until night. If you are crazy about hair, don’t miss this step.

And… There you go! 6 hacks to instantly volumize your hair. Of course the more hair you have, the more you can create volume, hence do not be despair if your hair is not as the same as Selena’s. If you follow the right hair care routine, takes care of what you eat diligently, give it a year to regrow your new generation of hair. Personally, if you take care of yourself from within, it will definitely show outside. Good luck.

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