Korean skincare is quite popular these days in my opinion. So, have you heard of the 10-step skincare routine that has become a trend among beauty enthusiasts in Korea lately? Yes, you read that right. They have 10 steps in their skincare regime, can you imagine that? No wonder their skin look like porcelain! From masks to essence, they apply everything to their face just to get that flawless dewy skin.

So, here are the 10 steps in Korean skincare routine that everyone’s talking about!

1) Oil Cleanser

Koreans are the one who popularized the double cleansing method. They use oil cleanser to first remove the makeup and excess dirt on their face. This step is crucial because oil works like magic when it comes to removing the stubborn waterproof makeup especially mascaras, so you will not leave any waterproof residue on your face. Just massage the cleanser all over your face and wash with warm water afterwards.

2) Gentle Cleanser

The second step is to wash your face again with a gentle cleanser such as foam or water based cleanser. This step helps to remove excess makeup or dirt that you might have missed when doing the first step. I personally really love the Green Tea foam cleanser from Innisfree as it feels so soft to the skin and yet it works amazing on the skin!

3) Exfoliator

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Exfoliating your skin is important as it helps to remove dead skin cells and promotes skin cells regeneration. Besides, it also helps to unclog the pores from oil excess. As a result, your skin will appear brighter and smoother. Try doing it for about once to thrice a week depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

4) Toner

Toner is used to hydrate you skin and prep it to absorb other skincare products later. You can just dab the toner using your fingers or put some on a cotton pad and apply it all over your face. Either way is fine as long as your skin is prepped. My suggestion Etude’s House Wonder Pore Freshner as so many people are raving about this product!

5) Essence

Believe it or not, essence IS the most important step in Korean skincare routine. Essence can be considered as a hybrid of toner + serum, and thus, it works to repair your skin and renew it whilst keeping it hydrated. Its consistency is almost watery like toner but it has benefits just like the serum. You can just dab the essence using your hands after your skin is toned.

6) Serums, Boosters or Ampoules

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Unlike essence, serum, boosters and ampoules are more concentrated and thick. These products are used to give specific treatments to your skin. For example, if you have a dull skin, then you might want to consider applying a radiance serum or a whitening ampoule. However, if your skin does not face any issues then you can certainly skip this step.

7) Sheet Masks

Now, this is my favorite part because I just love masks! It’s all about sheet masks for Koreans and that’s why if you go to Korean skincare stores, you will be spoiled with tons of choices that you’ll end up broke (because you’ll buy everything!). During your spare time, apply sheet mask on your face and enjoy some relaxing time for 15-20 minutes. You may do this step for once or twice a week if you feel like it.

8) Eye Cream

The area around the eyes are so delicate that you have to apply any eye cream using your ring finger only because it has the least pressure compared to the rest. Depending on your eye concerns, there are specific creams that can treat your problems such as dark circles and fine lines.

9) Moisturizer

This step is necessary because moisturizing your skin is the secret to Koreans’ dewy skin. By keeping your skin hydrated, your skin will be so much healthier. You should always find moisturizer that suits your skin best depending on its condition whether its dry, combination or oily. Apply the moisturizer daily, both during morning and evening on your face. Don’t forget your neck! It needs some love too.

10) SPF

Koreans are obsessed with sunscreens because their society’s beauty definition is someone with pale milky skin. Thus, they never forget to apply sunscreen whenever they go out in order to avoid getting sunburns. It’s also a good way to avoid premature aging for the skin! Definitely an important step in Korean skincare that should not be taken lightly!

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