You are what you eat – Same goes to your skin. Rooting itself in healthy food, SKINFOOD has its own philosophy of skin care. They believe that food ingredients can be used to create a healthier lifestyle, especially for skin. Plenty of nutritive fruits and vegetables are used for their products. For instance; ginseng, avocado, Yuja (Citron) and pineapple. Seldom we consume enough amount of those good food and include them in our daily menu.This is sad because We do not give enough chances for our skin to experience the goodness.Plus, it might be hard for us to find them or too pricey for us such as ginseng and Yuja. So, with SKINFOOD, we have another option to ‘feed’ our skin now.

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‘Feed’ Your Skin

SKINFOOD has been operating since 1957 under a Korean company, the Peeres Group. Being one of the brands that using natural ingredients, they ensure that only the highest quality food lines are used for their products. All their skin care and cosmetics are tested by their own R&D teams. They are serious about using the best ingredients in treating skin and work tirelessly to maintain the quality of the products. Besides that, they also support and use eco-friendly planting methods for growing their organic ingredients.

Believe in Food Cosmetics

To be transparent, SKINFOOD has lined out every ingredient that they use including Gold Caviar, Peach Sake, Fresh Apple, Black Sugar and Rice. They have numbers of from-head-to-toe skin care collections. These are including cleansing, serum, mask, emulsion, body scrub, hair essence, and foot mask. SKINFOOD also offers makeup products such as Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, Rice Concealer, and Pore Fit Cushion Bottle.

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off


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Egg White Pore Mask


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So far, Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, Tea Tree Cleansing Foam, Egg White Pore Mask and Foam are the products that have been listed under the SKINFOOD best sellers. For the first time buyers, these products might be good for you to try out. The best sellers list might be varied in different countries, so make sure to check out their official site to discover products that are available in your country. Feel free to check their franchise in your town or you can buy them online.


Personally, I am really interested in their Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle. I generally like the combination idea of the cushion and the bottle. The cushion might be a little bit small but I think what the product offers you is more important. So, I am looking forward to buying it. If you already have it, why not share your opinion in the comment below?

Let’s discover together how food transforms beauty with SKINFOOD.

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