Before we get into the details of the homemade lip scrub, there is a little bit knowledge that I would like to share about the ingredients. All of us know that before buying anything we must read the labels, especially when it is about buying a personal care or a skin care product, which products are supposedly to come off as ‘natural’. You might already be aware that when we talk about personal care products, the label mentioned as ‘Natural’ or ‘All-Natural’ is very far from the truth. However, ALWAYS, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DO A TEST PATCH.

Below are the 3 examples of the many ingredients that we should be aware of and avoid when it comes to buying lip scrubs:

Lip Scrub that Contains Synthetic Fragrances

Keep away from the products that mention ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient except when the label clearly states that it’s resulting from essentials oils, or seek for label which has phthalate-free mentioned on the packaging. Phthalates might alter the genital development as they consist of mimic hormones which are endocrine disrupters.

Lip Scrub that Contains Parabens

Parabens are also antimicrobial chemicals that comprises of hormone-disrupting effects.

Lip Scrub that Contains Ureas (made from urine)

Ureas are generally preservatives which have the potential to discharge formaldehyde in very minute amounts. The major cause of contact dermatitis which is often mistaken as acne.

Pretty annoying! To be honest, we don’t really need reading any sort of labels when it comes to preparing ‘homemade’ skin care products. These products are generally prepared by us with the means of containing natural and safe ingredients. This is entirely doable for a host of beauty products which are natural.

Following is an recipe of a DIY, homemade exfoliating lip scrub to enhance your natural beauty.


Homemade exfoliating lip scrub is a very simple recipe and when put together it goes on like this:


Brown Sugar


Virgin Olive Oil

Get one teaspoon of brown sugar and honey and half teaspoon of virgin olive oil. Pick a small glass bowl and mix the sugar and honey well with the olive oil. Take some cotton and wrap it around a small stick, dip the stick in the mixture and apply it on your lips in circular motion. And, voíla!  Homemade exfoliating lip scrub is all ready to make your lips look beautiful as ever!


Either you can put together a small batch each time you wish to use this recipe of lip scrub or simply make a bigger batch and just store it in a suitable glass container in your bathroom always available to your lips

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