Have you ever been in a situation when sometimes your makeup not really point or you overdo your makeup? Ladies, it is time to learn DO’s and DONT’s to improve our makeup makeover routine.


DO take care of your skin

This is the vital part of makeup do’s because makeup starts with skin care. One of the essential part of makeup makeover. If you use an acne skin product for a long time and the acne are gone, you need to change your skin product. If you are choosing the wrong product, it may lead to skin damage and wrinkles.

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DO prep your face

Before you start applying makeup, it is essential to prepare your skin. It’s like you want to work your art on a blank and clean canvas. So, wash your face, use a toner and moisturize your skin with a moisturizer.

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DO apply facial primer

Primer is the base for all of the other makeup that goes on your face. It will help the colors of the makeup become more vibrant and attractive plus it will make your makeup last longer. Besides that, primer help your makeup routine apply smoother.

DO apply concealer after put on your foundation

After you put on your foundation, don’t forget to apply concealer because this is where concealer take its job to cover blemishes, dark spot or dark circles under your eyes. Remember, always apply concealer after foundation because if not, it will not concealer the way it should be.

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DO clean or buy new brushes

When was the last time you clean your brushes? Can’t remember? Mostly you girls take this matter lightly and you should stop this sloppy attitude because its just bring more damage than good. Clean brushes are very important because this is avoid skin breakouts or rashes. If your brushes are too damaged, take a deep breath. Throw them away and buy another set. I know it’s hard but beauty have it’s own price.

DO use foundation that match with your skin tone

Take your time at Sephora and observe the correct foundation shade for your skin tone. This part girls having a hard time because you have to avoid buying a foundation that too light or too dark for your skin. You will end up looking like a vampire from Twilight or an Oompa Loompas.

DO know your best eyeshadow color

Ahaaaa! I love this part! When you wanna play with eyeshadow, you have to choose the best color to make your eyes pops and bold, So, here are a few tips.

If your eyes are brown, use Navy, Gold, Dark purple or Green color..

Let say, your eyes are blue, use Purple, Bronze, Orange or Light Pink color

If your eyes are hazel, try Brown, Bronze, Gray color

DO experiment your liquid eyeliner

One of most essential makeup makeover, the perfect winged eyeliner is something you can be proud with. Sweetie, not everyone can pull this off because you need to practice a lot to achieve the PERFECT winged eyeliner. Take your time to by striking a smooth line at the edge of your eyes and slowly smoothing with liner brush.

Tips : Use a tape to help you do the perfect winged eyeliner. Cut the tape in a small size and paste at the corner of your eyes. You can start draw the perfect line!

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DON’T overdraw your natural lips

It’s okay if you wanna make your lips look plumper and sexy like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie or Nicki Minaj and there are way to make it very appealing. One of the way is don’t overdraw it. Overdraw lips will make you look like clown or Joker. Just don’t ruined your makeup makeover routine.

DON’T go crazy with your eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows are all the rage right now. Don’t tweeze your eyebrows until it look like Nike signs. Tweeze it just nice and draw your brows naturally.

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DON’T wear clumpy mascara

It’s time to buy new mascara if they are starting to get clumpy. Clumpy mascara are not very convenience when they leave a mess and ruined up our eye makeup. You wanna give a good impression especially when eyelashes is the first thing that someone notice on our face.

DON’T use color that reveal your flaws

Bright colors are fun to play with if you know the ones that suitable with your skin tone and eye color but you have to be careful choosing the right color. Don’t use color that expose your flaws. For instance, if you have eye bag problem, avoid gray or purple eyeshadow. A reminder for ladies out there, don’t apply more than three shades at ones on your eyelids.


DON’T forget to wash your makeup at night

After a long day with heavy makeup makeover, your face need a rest. Remove your makeup with makeup remover or wet wipe at least. Then, wash your face with cleanser and put some toner on it. If you are up for it, you can apply mask. Pamper your skin, she had been a long day with makeup! Goodluck!

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