Au Naturalé — how do you keep things minimal and fresh when it comes to makeup?

Sure, I bust out the red lipstick every now and again, but for the most part, I know that the base of any great beauty look starts with great skin, which is why I barely consider joining the bare-faced selfie crew. I needed to gain some confidence – so I research for the fundamentals.

Read on for four products every girl should have in her beauty shelf in order to achieve the same confidence.

Serum: A serum gives you most of your skin’s hydration. Since it has a thinner consistency than a moisturizer, a serum soaks deeper into your skin, making it softer and brighter pre-makeup. My all-time favorite would be the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I would let the serum sit in my face for 3 minutes before I apply my moisturizer. My makeup had never been so smooth thereafter!

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Moisturizer: While they also, of course, moisturize, heavier creams are meant to act as barriers to keep pollutants and free radicals from penetrating your skin. Now, my skin is very oily – but I could not stand a day without moisturizer. I just the feeling when my skin is soft and supple – no more breakouts! I’ve recently splurge on DRGL Moisturiser Anti-Aging and I haven’t seen anything but radiant skin.

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Sunscreen: Did you know the number one cause of aging skin is sun damage? My advice: Wear. It. Every. Day. If you need an everyday, fast-absorbing type of sunscreen (as they can be pretty thick), I’d recommend Milk’s SPF 30+ Dry Touch Sunscreen, suitable for everyday use.


Face Masks: Whether you lack hydration or are looking to deep clean your pores, a weekly face mask is the perfect way to re-set your skin. I love heavy-duty masks such as Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment for deep cleansing. For everyday use, I would use Sephora Collection’s Rose Therapy Mask (5 pieces) for a quick perk-me-up session.

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Once your skin is naturally flawless on its own, your makeup is just the cherry on top!

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Have you tried any of these to achieve that natural makeup look? Let me know!

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