Sunburn is bane of summertime. It can happen at anytime because of the exposure to UV rays that comes from the sun. When your skin exposed to the sun, your skin will produce melanin. Melanin is dark pigment on top layer of your skin. To avoid peeling or redness, here’s a few steps on how to remove sunburn.

Potato paste

Potatoes known well as a pain reliever, working well on minor skin irritation and alleviate scratches, bites, burn and reducing inflammation.

All you need : 2 potato, blender or knife, cotton balls or facial tissues

Directions :

– First of all, wash the potatoes and put it in the blender. You don’t need to peel the skin

– Give them a whirl until they’ve become in liquid form.

– If they seem too dry, add some water.

– Pour the mixture in a bowl and soak the cotton ball in it and apply it to the sunburn area.

– OR you can just slice the potato into slices and lay it on your skin.

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Cool Milk

Another ways on how to remove sunburn is by using a cool milk. A cool milk is one of the simplest and low cost method to alleviate sunburn. The initial coolness of the milk will eae the heat and also creates layer of protein which will heal your sunburn.

All you need : Chilled milk and clean cloth

Directions :

– Pour a bowl of milk in a bowl until the level is high enough so that you can soak your cloth in it.

– When your cloth is saturated, drain off the excess liquid

– Apply across your sunburn area skin, press gently and leave it on for long as needed.

– If your milk becomes room temperature, chill it before using it again.


Drink Up!

Sunburn is a burn. As with any other thing that burns your skin is dried out, your body is dehydrated too. Keep a bottle of ice cold water to make sure you are keeping yourself full of water which necessary to heal your sunburn skin.

All you need : Drink up to 3 litre water a day, at least so that it can heal your sunburn faster.


Mint & Tea

Mint naturally cools and soothes whatever it touches and sunburn is included. The tannice acid and theobromine found in green tea also helps pain and heal damaged skin.

All you need : 1 quart of boiling water, 5 green tea bags, 3 cups of mint leaves and clean cotton pads.

Directions :

– Boil 1 quart of water. As for tea bags, remove the tags and the string.

– Mix the tea and mint leaves (3 cups) together in a bowl.

– Pour the boiling water in it and mix it thoroughly. Cover the bowl with a lid and let it sit for an hour

– Use cotton pads and soaked in the mixture. Apply it on your sunburn skin

– You can also pour the tea to the burn are. Make sure the tea is cool enough to use.



Next remedies on how to remove sunburn would be yogurt. Yogurt contain an abundance of probiotics and enzymes that help to heal your skin. If you have sunburn skin, it can help you to recover faster. Make sure it is a plain yogurt, the flavoured ones.

All you need : A plain culture yogurt

Directions :

– Use only half of plain yogurt and put in a cup

– Wash your hands first and by using your finger, apply that cool yogurt on your sunburn skin and let it it for 5 minutes.

– After that, rinse with clean water



The last method on how to remove sunburn is by using cucumber. Cool cucumber is not only soothing the sunburn but it also contain antioxidant and analgesic properties which promote healing and alleviate discomfort.

All you need : 2 fresh and chilled cucumbers, blender or knife.

Directions :

– If you are prefer for quicker way to alleviate pain relief from the sunburn, slice up the chilled cucumber.

– Lay it on your sunburn skin

– For long lasting effect, blend the cucumbers to create a paste

– Add some aloe vera gel if you want it to be a little bit thicker

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