This is a review on sunblock I personally experienced using The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++

Claimed to be formulated for Asian Women, so this UK brand is trying to spread its wings in the Asian market.

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50/PA++++, RM125

Read this review on sunblock and find out if you can relate!

Review on sunblock: My problem

The Body Shop released the Drops of Light range last year. I walked into the Body Shop store to look for a sunblock safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin. The only sunblock that was available is Vitamin E Day Lotion SPF30. I addressed the reasons why I am very choosy about sunblock to the sales assistant:

  • It usually leaves a white cast on your face
  • Induces acne
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Too thick
  • Short-lived

Can ya’ll relate?

She told me to there will be a new sunblock coming out next week and it is better than Vitamin E. I came back the next week and there it was, the new sunblock: The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection SPF50 PA++++ along with the Drops of Light range.

Review on sunblock: My experience

You do not use this in place of moisturiser. You put this after or mixed with the moisturiser as the last step, or before makeup primer if you wear makeup. It is an essence, therefore it is only chock full of SPF, very liquid, fast-absorbing and does not leave a white cast, shine free. It is SPF50 which gives long lasting protection and PA++++ means it provides VERY wide protection from UV ray. I guess the watery texture is the reason why they claimed ‘to be formulated for Asian skin’ lolz.

The Body Shop is clearly stepping up their game.

So the first time I’m using it, yes as expected, the essence absorbs pretty quickly. It does not leave any trace. Because it has a liquid texture, it does not glide the moisturiser, it, in fact, stays on the moisturiser, making the protection more long lasting. The SPF is invincible, I do not see any. But it still has the light reflecting properties so it has slight glowing effects.

However, this also means under direct lighting, it is either you can have lighter skin effect or more prominent looking scars. Yikes.

Review on sunblock: With makeup

When I try using it under makeup, I fear if it will influence the texture of the foundation or worse, cause acne. But I did think I won’t because it absorb to skin pretty fast. I have tried both under cream, liquid and mineral foundation.

I have acne-prone, combination skin. Oily around the T-zone area but dry on the cheek areas.

Cream foundation: As my forehead and nose get oily, I was really afraid of acne. After the end of the day as I removed my makeup, I noticed small bumps appearing on my forehead. Darn it. Maybe the cream foundation was the main culprit. Because this happened when I went to Paris and it was hot at that time.

Liquid foundation: I wore light to medium coverage regular foundation, not matte, not even the hydrating ones. Noticed no change at all in terms of colour and texture. At the end of the day, my cheek areas were a little bit dry but the coverage still stayed.

Mineral foundation: Even with moisturiser, my skin felt dry and the amount of foundation on my face gradually decreased but I guess that is the downside of mineral foundation if worn in the really dry, cold UK weather.

I guess in overview, this sunblock does not affect your makeup that much.

Review on sunblock: My skincare

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I was diligent with the new skincare routine I just started and one of the products involved skin peeling. After including the SPF as part of the routine, I did not experience sunburn anymore and I finally saw the brightening effects of all the serums and night time routine I did. It is true then SPF is compulsory for any skincare routine you do but it must be A REALLY GOOD ONE.

Get one now, and I really recommend this sunblock if you do not prefer cream sunblock.

Thanks for reading.

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