This is a review on sunblock I personally experienced using KLAIRS Midday Blue Sun Lotion SPF 40/PA++

(Read my previous review on sunblock #1: The Body Shop  Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50/PA++++)

Well, this time it would be pretty dumb to for a Korean brand to claim itself ‘suitable for Asian skin’ but if it’s KLAIRS, then I presume it is suitable for sensitive skin (meaning everybody can use it).

KLAIRS Midday Blue Sun Lotion SPF 40/PA++, RM128 RM99 (30% discount on

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If you read the previous review, you should expect this Korean sunblock would be a watery texture too. I expected it. It even says on the front packaging.

But, not that watery actually. So, I got worried.

It is more on the cream side that slides easily ‘like water’ but definitely not like thick cream (thank god!). Don’t worry hold your judgment, just read this review on sunblock #2.

Review on sunblock: My Problem

I got to know about this sunblock on WishtrendTV youtube channel, my first time ever watching their detailed, on point reviews on Korean beauty products. The hosts like Eunice Cho spoke very fluent English, they deserve a round of applause! You should check them out.

My review on sunblock: The Body Shop Skin Defence sunblock clearly showed I like it but I figured maybe for the dry and cold UK weather, the sunblock will be better if it is a little bit moisturizing but I didn’t mind. So, for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, or if you are always outdoors in the sun when you are more prone to sweat (because some people just stay in the office) be wary of thick sunblock okay? But I was not aware that this sunblock is a little creamy when I bought it. I just wanted to try because the light blue colour is very intriguing!

Again when it comes to sunblock, I will stay alert of these red flags:

  • It usually leaves a white cast on your face
  • Induces acne
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Too thick
  • Short-lived

Review on sunblock: My experience

When I squeezed it, woops, why is it creamy instead of watery. I was worried it will be too oily, it is going to leave a white cast and my face will look shiny and I applied moisturiser, so by this time so double those. I put tiny dots on five areas of my face: my forehead, my both chubby cheeks, nose, and chin, and tried to pat them onto the moisturiser instead of gliding them. You do not want to mess up your moisturiser. But because it is slightly creamy (not thick, remember), it is less easy than The Body Shop to put on.

After putting it on: Oh my god, I was right, my face became shiny, it definitely has a white cast, reflects a lot of light (really accentuate my scars) and my face now feels ‘creamy’. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. It has SPF40 with PA++ which is still pretty high but The Body Shop Skin Defence actually lasts longer, provides wider protection, and easier to put on. So KLAIRS is on the losing side in term of this aspect. I do not know what to write about my second review on sunblock I was hoping for.

But then something changed.

After about 10-15 minutes, the white cast and shiny effect subsided. Slowly the sunblock absorbed into the skin and made my skin looked brighter and lighter but not weird if you know what I mean. I really liked how it turned out! I did not expect this! Not only that, my face did not feel oily at all, but instead it felt smooth and hydrated like baby’s bump. Either my moisturiser is very good (I am using  By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream by the way mixed with black seed facial oil) or the balance of the dry UK weather and the sunblock’s texture is just on point.

In conclusion, put this one 30 minutes before you go out. But what about makeup?

Review on sunblock: With Makeup

I think this is where this sunblock wins. Why? Of course before the sunblock’s white cast subsided, I was worried how am I going to apply my makeup with this.

Again, I have acne-prone, combination skin. Oily on the T-zone area and dry on the cheek areas.

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– Cream foundation: Not a good idea for my type of skin to put it on right after applying this sunblock. Wait until it subsides, but I find it ideal when the sunblock is about to be fully absorbed. See the downside of the sunblock to me is I cannot straight away start my makeup. Felt my skin got oilier especially the T-zone area but using a setting powder would help.

– Liquid foundation: This part is interesting. My foundation is a light to medium coverage not matte, not even the hydrating ones, and the colour code is on the warm tone because I have natural Malay, olive skin tone. Putting it right after the sunblock, changes the colour code lighter by one shade and gave the makeup a brighter, dewy look. I personally prefer the dewy look, so … Big thumbs up? Of course, a little setting powder and some highlight could balanced the whole look.

Mineral foundation: Mineral foundation is my current obsession. I think this sunblock had really helped with prolonging the time for the foundation to stay and really prevented possible cakey look due to dry weather. My makeup did not look dewy, but I definitely looked brighter and a naturally glowy (reflects light). Stressing more on the ‘natural’ word because I really dislike fakey, cakey looking makeup.

Review on sunblock: My skincare

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I am currently on a new skincare, this time no more peeling but more on brightening acne scars and pore tightening. Remember, you need to put on SPF to retain all the benefits you get from those serums and moisturisers. The first thing I noticed when the sunblock subsided, I liked how my skin felt light but realising that it is an SPF40 and is only PA++, it requires some reapplication.

Should I recommend you to buy this? YES, I think you really should give this a try.

Thanks for reading.

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