Silisponge – Now we finally talk about it. We’ve heard about this silicon “sponge” since last year. It gains different responses from beauty people all around the world through their reviews.

Silisponge? What about it?

One of the original silicon sponges was sold by a Hong Kong beauty brand, the Molly Cosmetics. I was a little bit puzzled when I’ve read about this on the Internet, especially when I looked at its picture. As you can see, the silicon sponge is a smooth and clear applicator. And it escalates really quick when people claim that it can replace the beauty blender. Really?

To be totally transparent, I’ve never used any beauty blender before. When I wanted to buy one, a water-drop-like beauty blender, my friend asked me to try the Silisponge instead.  I bought it anyway as I was also curious about it.

What’s more about it?

1.Save your products

 You don’t have to keep pumping out your foundation anymore because the poreless sponge will never ‘eat’ your products. It’s a good news for people who are always wearing makeup. It will take some time before you have to buy a new tube or bottle, especially the expensive one.

2.Airbrush-like finish

Some claim that the silicon sponge could give an airbrush-like finish when you apply your foundation. Well, it actually depends on how you like your foundation ends up on your skin – probably the ways you use the sponge. Take your time to spread the products. If you can’t blend well with it, just take your beauty blender or brush to make the final blending. It is suggested by the Molly Cosmetics itself.

3.Easy to clean

Yes, it is easy to clean. Just rub it with a little soap and the lukewarm water.  As for me, I just clean it with the micellar water and rinse it with lukewarm water. Besides that, it also claims that the sponge will keep your hand free from the products. Well, not really.  If you use both sides of the sponge, the products will probably stick on your fingers.

Silisponge versus BeautyBlender

Silicon sponge is poreless, so be careful. Don’t apply too much products when using it. You also have to spend more times on blending to build up the coverage. If you had a few pumps of foundation left, the silicon sponge would save your day. It’s quite different with the beauty blender, it absorbs your products. However, this ability avoids your base makeup from being cakey and your foundation will look more natural. You see, both of these beauty tools have their pros and cons.

 Personally, I really took sometimes to get used to the silicon sponge. Once you know the tricks, it will get easier to apply your foundation with just small amounts of it.  It’s very convenient too as I can clean and keep it right away in my makeup bag.

So, what about you? Which one is your pick?

Share your thought with us.

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