We all know that one person who has that perfect hair every day, and don’t we all wish we have that? Unless you were blessed with naturally thick and lustrous hair; otherwise, you will have to put in some effort to have those lustrous tresses. And here are a few simple ways to have shiny healthy hair.

Simple Ways to have Shiny Healthy Hair

    1. Don’t Overwash Your Hair


How many times you wash your hair a week? Regardless of how much you desired clean-feeling locks, it is actually bad to wash your hair every day. The natural oil in your hair is designed to protect and condition your hair. By washing your hair daily, you are actually stripping all these protections from your tresses which end up with over-production of oil. Instead of shampooing your hair daily, try using dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo has the ability of absorbing the oil and odour of your hair.

    1. Shampoo Your Hair Wisely


If you really have to constantly shampoo your hair, at least invest in a good shampoo. Opt for shampoos with “damage repairs” written on it and the ones contain protein to strengthen your hair. Once getting the right shampoo, it is also important how you shampoo your hair. Start from the scalp by giving it a message, and avoid scrubbing the end of your hair.

    1. Importance of Conditioner


By shampooing your hair, you are opening up the hair cuticles with lead to loss of moisture. By using conditioner, it seals the cuticles up; thus, locking in all the nutrients that are required to have healthy hair. In addition, conditioner works in smoothing out the frizz and gives you softer shinier hair. Also, if you have the habit of blow-drying your hair, a good conditioner acts as a heat protection. After shampooing your hair, let your conditioner sit for while you shower or cover your hair with a plastic cap or towel and apply heat over it.

    1. Avoid Adding Heat


Adding heat to your hair is generally bad for your hair. One of the worst things you could do is overheat your hair with excessive blow drying or over-used those heat-styling tools. If you want to blow dry your hair, use a low-heat setting and point the nozzle downward instead of side. Also, never ever wash your hair with extremely hot water as it dries out your hair and results in breakage.

    1. Use Protective Treatments


There are so many styling products in the market that you could use as a protective layer for your hair before blow-drying. Apply a pea-size amount of your styling products starting from the mid-level and work towards the end of your hair to seal in moisture.

    1. Brush Your Hair

Combing Hair

Just like your favourite wool suit and jacket that need constant brushing, your hair needs to be brushed regularly in order for them to stay healthy. You need to brush your hair twice a day – morning and night, and don’t be rough when brushing them. First of all, your hair is weaker when wet. So, don’t brush them while they are still wet. Secondly, always brush from the end and work your way up. Also, it’s important to keep your hair brushes clean. Dirty hair brushes that are covered in hair, oil and products create a breeding ground for bacteria, which is bad for your scalp. Clean your hair brush regularly with a simple mixture of baking soda and lukewarm water.

With these simple and easy steps, you no longer need to wait till your next visits to the hair salons to have shiny healthy hair! Isn’t this great?


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