Oily skin can be very frustrating at times (well, most of the time honestly). It’s frustrating when you wake up every morning just to find out that your face is oily. And it’s definitely annoying when you only has your foundation on for ONE hour but your skin starts to get super oily especially in the T-zone area.

However, you can bid these problems away soon because we have some skincare tips for you! These skincare tips for oily skin will help to reduce the oils because we said so. Kidding! It’s because some of the problems that caused the excess oils, can actually be controlled. Of course, we admit that it’s hard to take care an oily skin but if you follow these skincare tips below, we are sure that you will be flaunting a healthier skin in no time!

Say NO to alcohol

People with oily skin need to avoid any toner that has alcohol in the ingredient. Yes, alcohol in toners will make your skin feels less oily BUT it will give a false signal to your skin. The alcohol leaves the skin dry for a while and of course and it will make you feel better. But eventually, the skin will produce more natural oils because it thinks that you need more moisture. So go and check the ingredients in your toner. The alcohol in it might be the reason why your face is oily at the very first place!

Cleanse, cleanse cleanse!

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Cleanse your face two to three times a day to keep all the dirt and residues away! Hah it rhymes! But seriously, people with oily skin will need to wash their face regularly so that the excess oil can be removed from the pores. This will prevent you from future breakouts. Choose a foam or gel-based cleanser since these two are the most suitable for your skin. You can always use medicated cleanser as well but just make sure that it’s not too harsh for the skin!

You are what you eat

Currently, I have a combination skin but I do notice that it’ll become more oily if I shove a lot of fast food down my throat. You see, most of fast foods are deep fried and oily. Thus, you need to balance out the oil in your body again. How? Simple. Eat healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast and deep fried foods as much as possible!

Don’t Scrub All Day Errday

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Alright I exaggerate a little bit. No one actually scrub their face every single day. But my point is to make sure that you don’t scrub your face too much. Once or twice a week is more than enough for you to remove the dead skin cells and other residues in your pores. Scrubbing too much can caused the natural oils on your face to be stripped away and thus, resulting your skin to produce more oils! So go easy on the scrubbing alright?

Hydrate your skin

There are two ways for you to hydrate your skin and that is to drink more water and wear moisturizer every day and night. Hydration is the key to achieve a healthier skin. So by hook or by crook, just make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. The toilet will be your new best friend but it’ll be totally worth it. Trust me. And don’t forget to moisturize your skin too. Choose gel or water based moisturizer as it will help to balance out the oil on your face!

So these are some of the tips that can help you achieve a better, less oily skin. Just by changing your diet and skincare, your skin condition can improve in no time! Good luck!

Skincare Tips For Oily Skin You Need to Follow! was last modified: May 12th, 2017 by Husna