3 Simple Steps to Shape Eyebrows Without Plucking

Have you heard of eyebrows fleek?.  ‘Eyebrows on fleek’ was first heard on Vine, started of as a joke and then become an overnight sensation.  The term itself refers to having your eyebrows on point which implies that they are perfectly groomed, filled and shaped. In this article we will be sharing on steps to shape eyebrows.  Even if you are a beginner you can apply the tips given.

steps to shape eyebrows

In order to get your eyebrows on ‘fleek’, it is not very hard to achieve especially if you knows about your facial structure and your eyebrow natural shape.

Define the shape of your eyebrows

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First and foremost, you need to define the shape of your brows.  For this it can be a bit tricky because the shape of your brows will determine your overall looks.  Get a mirror and observe your brows closely.  Try to find the 3 points of your brows; the beginning of the brow, the arch and the tail where your brow should end.

You may follow the classic tips by vertically holding a pencil to either side of the nose bone to determine the beginning of the brow.  To find the arch, pivot the point of the pencil away from your nose towards the outer corner of the eye and stop where your iris is.  The angle of your pencil should be at 45 degree.  Lastly for the tail, move the pencil until it stops at corner of eye.  Jot a dot to ensure when you are not overdrawn your eyebrow and it ended where it is supposed to be.

Find the right Brow Shade and Products

There are so many eyebrow products available on the market nowadays.  You can use pencil, gel, or even a dark shade of eyeshadow to fill in your brows.  The brow shade should be the same as your hair color and only a shade lighter according to your preference.  Never opt for a shade darker as it will draw unnecessary attention and will hinder your from achieving the natural look.  Ever heard of Sin Chan?  Yes, its his eyebrows that we are talking about.

Fill in your brows according to the shape

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The third steps to shape eyebrows is to fill your brows according to the shape.  Some people have a lot of  sparse areas on their brows, while some already has a nice shape that just need a little amount of touch ups. First, outline the outer shape of your brows beginning with the top and bottom line.  Creating a frame to your brows.  If they do not look identical, fret not.  Eyebrows are sisters not twins.

Next, use the eyebrow pencil or shadow and fill in the sparse areas in the direction that your eyebrow hairs naturally grow.  Another tip that you can follow is to avoid filling the front of your brows with too much gel or powder.

Use Concealer to Cover  Up the Stray Hairs

The thing about plucking your eyebrows is that it will never grow the same again.  Or worst, they will never grow at all and you will get stuck with the thin eyebrows forever.  This last step is to use concealer to cover up the stray hairs and to achieve the ‘eyebrows on fleek’.  Use a pointed brush and apply on top and bottom to make the eyebrows look neat.

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Once you complete the final step by applying the concealer, your eyebrows are ready.  It is not very hard to get a natural looking eyebrows without having to pluck your eyebrows.  Different eyebrow shapes can do different things to your face.  The keyword is to practice, practice and keep on practicing by following the steps to shape eyebrows.

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