Do you know, large and open pores may cause you acne outbreak? Yes, when you have an open pores, the dirt may stuck in your pores leading to more acne. There are several ways on how to tighten pores but before I share you with the tips, let’s see what the causes are.

Open pores or large pores can be cause by genetics or unclean skin. When your face are oily, the oil stuck into your pores together with the dirt leading to open pores. If your makeup are not remove properly, this will worsen the situation. They work as a magnet to attract more dirt to your open pores skin. Besides, when you are aging, your cell renewal and collagen production will be decreasing, also leading to open pores.

Whiteheads, blackheads and pimples may be the result of open pores. It also affects your makeup as your face will look uneven and not flawless like others did. Open pores may be visible especially when your face covered with makeup.

How to tighten pores? 6 simple tips that will help you to solve your large pores problem are:

#1 Tighten Pores | Wash your face regularly and use ice cubes


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Make sure to clean your face regularly. This is to remove the dirt and oil, avoiding them from stuck on your face causing your pores gets bigger. After washing your face, place ice cubes on your face for several minutes especially at the open pores area. Practice this every day, this may help to shrink the size of pores and tighten your skin. You can also apply ice cubes before makeup to make sure your pores are not visible.

#2 Tighten Pores | The importance of facial brushing

Facial brushing helps you to clean your face deeply, especially pores. It removes dead skin cells effectively and allow all your face skincare regime to penetrate your skin better soon.

#3 Tighten Pores | Exfoliate your skin at least 3 times a week

Use face scrub 3 times a week to exfoliate your skin. This could help to remove all the dead cells and dirt that stuck on your face, which causes open pores. Exfoliating also helps to reduce oily skin. Apply aloe Vera or moisturiser after exfoliating.  Avoid using oil based moisturiser after exfoliating as it may clog your pores.

#4 Tighten Pores | Drink more water and eat healthy

It is crucial for you to drink more water and eat healthy to take care of your skin. It helps to make your skin moist and supple, avoiding open pores to emerge. Water helps to remove the toxins in your body too.

#5 Tighten Pores | Use natural remedies.

There are many things available at home that you can use as your open pores treatment. It is safe and cheaper than any other methods. Consistency helps you to achieve good result.

1 Baking Soda

Take 2 tablespoons of baking powder, add it with some lukewarm water. And apply it on your skin especially the open pores area. Massage, and clean it with cool water.

2 Egg white face mask

Egg white helps you to tighten your skin and reduce open pores. Crack your egg in a bowl, remove the yolk and only apply egg white on your bare skin. Let it dry completely for few minutes and rinse off. Practice at least 3 times a week, do not practice it daily as it may make your skin dry. For daily practice, use ice cubes.

3 Yogurt mask

Yogurt also can be used as your natural remedies at home. Take only fresh natural yogurt and apply on your skin for 10 minutes before shower.

#6 Tighten Pores | Use primer before makeup to smooth large pores

Makeup primer comes in handy when you are facing open pores problem. It allow your makeup to look smoother and last longer, also helps to cover your large pores as well. Try the POREfessional Face Primer by the Benefits, it helps to cover and minimize your open pores appearance. You can purchase it for only RM 65.00 via Sephora.

How was it?  Starts taking care of your skin now before its too late. Healthy skin leads to happy life. I hope this simple tips could help you to solve your problem.

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