Troiareuke – I think a lot of Malaysians still don’t know about this brand. However, Troiareuke is gradually gaining attention, not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore and Hong Kong. I got to know this brand after watching some Youtubers introduced their favourite skincare products. I wasn’t interested until I found out that they have cushion compacts in their cosmetic lines. As a cushion lover, I don’t want to skip any new cushion that I found. Uh-uh.

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“Make-up is not all about covering. It is all about healing.”

One thing that I’ve found out about Troiareuke cushion compacts is they are not like other general cushions in the market. They are made for treating our skins instead of just providing coverage. Adapting the idea of having a product in a sponge, Troiareuke came up with their own cushions to make sure that we take care our skins all day long.


MK Universal is the parent company of this Korean brand. It has 6 product lines, but I see that Troiareuke is most likely the signature brand of this company. Here, the cushions are from the Acsen and the Troipeel line. As the come from different sides, probably there are some differences between these two. If you don’t know about these cushions, allow me to introduce you the Troiareuke Acsen A+ Cushion and the TroiPeel H+ Healing Cushion.

Troiareuke Acsen A+ ( A Plus) Cushion

Photo: Troiareuke
Photo: Troiareuke

This is an aesthetic cushion for oily, combination, acne and sensitive skin. It’s a multi-function skincare cushion, which provides sebum control, whitening effect, anti-wrinkle effect and UV protection (SPF50+/PA+++) for your skin. Perfect natural look and dewy finish – This cushion is suitable for dry skin since it does not make our faces become oily (especially around the T-zone and forehead).

Colour: Natural Beige

A+ Technology:

 It has Smart Moisture Capture (SMC) System, which allows us to experience longer moisturized feeling on our skins. It also provides extra soothing for sensitive skin and maximum comfort. This cushion uses special powder, Porous Silica Powder, which controls excessive sebum and decreases darkening effect (due to sweat and sebum). So, it keeps our skins look extra flawless.

Key Ingredients:

A+ Cushion has three main ingredients:

Centella Asiatica Extract

It’s known as Centella or in Malay, Daun Pegaga. This extract helps our skins recover from skin damage, acne and redness. It soothes bumps and heals skin from external bacteria besides, stimulating the skin regeneration effect and strengthening its barrier.

Melaleuca Extract

This extract absorbs deep into the skin so that it can protect the healthy skin cell and kills bacteria. It also has detox effect, which eliminates toxin within our skins.

Calendula Extract

Calendula extract has anti-oxidation effect that can sooth and relax the skin. It also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. It protects the sensitive and damaged skin, besides brightens and keeps our skins look flawless from pigmentations scars.

Photo: Troiareuke
Photo: Troiareuke


Troipeel H+ Cushion (Healing Cushion)

Photo: Troiareuke
Photo: Troiareuke

This healing cushion is suitable for those who have dry skin. It’s also multi-function cushion with anti-aging effect, whitening effect and UV protection (UVB-SPF50+, UVA-PA+++). This lightweight makeup allows skin to breath and excellent in controlling excessive sebum.

Colour: Light Beige

Beyond H+ Cushion Effect

Skin Science Inside

 This cushion has the Skin Moisture Shield, which it forms on the skin surface to protect it. It also helps to slow down the aging process. Its Water Wrapping System (WWS) minimises the moisture loss and decreases the skin’s temperature.

Heals Skin

The key ingredients are Adenosine (Anti-wrinkle effect), Niacin amide (Whitening Effect), Centella Asiatica Extract (wound healing purposes), and Portulaca extract (anti-inflammation and improves skin condition)

Happy Skin

Healing cushion gives you 100% natural look coverage, glittering looks ( dewy finish), calming effect and sebum control.


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Photo: Troiareuke

Both of them are skincare-based cushions, so they are 99% skincare and 1% makeup. Though these two products are almost the same, they still have different properties that suit your skin concerns. I firstly thought that H+ Cushion is suitable for me. However, after comparing these two cushions, A+ cushion seems to be the right one. Plus, the shade is Natural Beige, which I guess it is likely my skin shade.

Is it still hard to make a decision? Watch this video .

If you would like to know more about Troiareuke and their skincare products, check them out their official Facebook page or the SOS ( Secret of Seoul) website, the Troiareuke’s Malaysian online distributor.

Check them out now!

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Have you tried any of these cushions? I would love to try them too! Share your thoughts about them!


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