Pimples has become one of the biggest problem suffered by most teenagers and young adults. They also known as acne vulgaris. Face and back could be the most common spot for pimples to breakout. It could actually not only leave us with scars, but also a great impacts on someone emotions and self-esteem. There are several types of pimples you should know; comedones and inflammatory acne.

Pimples affect us emotionally as it causes us to feel insecure, depressed, low self-esteem and being isolate from other people due to the skin problem that we face. Everyone want a clear and healthy skin but how? Do you know why is it crucial for us to know the types of pimples we’re dealing with to find the best cure? Knowing how to distinguish different kinds of pimples could lead us to a successful skincare regime.

Before I share with you the types of pimples that you should know, important for you to realize acne or pimples usually starts with clogged pores. Pores are clog from some reasons. Acne prone skin usually faced problem in skin cell renewal. The dead skin cell mix with oil instead of sloughing off. Acne also can be cause by overproduction of sebum. All this matters could lead to clogged pores. When your face covered with pimples, the bacteria from the pimples will cause it to breed and infections which then may lead to redness and inflammation of the pimples area.

Causes of pimples can be from genetics, hormones or unhealthy diet including environment. Stress also may lead to an acne prone skin.

Some can be treated by using over-the-counter treatments, but some could be more severe if you do not pay attention to it which then requires extra treatment from dermatologist.

Types of Pimples you should Know (#1) – Comedones

First type of pimples you should know can be known as comedones. Comedones occur when our hair follicles are clog with oil and dead skin cells leading to the growth of blackheads and whiteheads. They are usually seen around the nose and nasal area. Both can be treated by using over-the-counter treatments such as tea tree oil, and facial scrubs.

Types of Pimples you should Know (#2) – Inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne happens when the white blood cells are send to the breakout areas to fight the infections leading to red and swollen pimples. There are four types of inflammatory pimples you should know; papules, pustules, nodules and cystics acne. If it is severe, extra treatment from dermatologist will be needed.

1- Papules

Papules happen when comedones getting worst. They are red and swollen but does not contain pus. Only bumps on your skin which may takes at least two or three days to dissapear.

2- Pustules

Pustules are like papules but it carries pus in it. The pus are the dead white blood cells which fight the infections. Do not squeeze it as it may leave scars. More pimples may come out if you did not clean your face properly after popping it.

3- Nodules and 4- cystic acne

Larger than papules and pustules, nodules and cystic acne are the worst among all. It hurts more, may turn to red in colour and became swollen, containing pus and blood in it. These type of pimples could leave you with deep scars and need immediate attention from dermatologist.


Now that you learn the types of pimples you should know, it is time for you to take some proactive actions on treating your pimples problem before it getting worst. You may treat it through topical therapy or over-the-counter treatment from Watsons or Guardian. Try Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, it cost only RM 25.80.  For better result, you should make an appointment with dermatologist. They may prescribe you some medications to stabilize your hormones and your skin will heal fast. Other than that, you may also take your own prevention methods. Clean your face thoroughly after makeup, drink more water and avoid from squeezing your pimples as they might leave scars behind. Avoid excessive sun exposure with daily lightweight use of makeup also could be the best options to protect your skin from any potential breakouts.

So what do you think? Hope this article helps you to identify your acne problems.

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