If you’re a teenager or a young adult, one of the biggest worries you may be facing is the appearance of acne or pimples. With raging hormones, teenage and adolescence bring in quite a lot of changes for both boys and girls. The following list and types of pimples will help you to understand and determine what kind of acne you have so that your will find the solution to get rid of it.



This type of pimple is extremely common and usually build up at nose and nasal area. They will appear like tiny areas of black lumps on the skin which are formed as a result of blocked follicles. The black lumps are usually formed when bacteria, dead skin and cell clogs the follicles. Besides that, these blackheads react with oxygen present in the air which resulting presence of blackheads.



In the term of appearance, they are pretty much exactly what they sounds like, small blemishes with whitish head. This caused by where the follicles get clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. Sebum is another word for oil but don’t be surprise. Sometimes your skin needs a certain amount of natural oil to moisturize and nourish your skin. It’s only when there’s excess sebum and dead skin cells that you risked clogged pores.



Pustules almost the same with whiteheads but this one really easy to remember. Why? This is because they contain whitish or yellowish- looking and they can look a lot bigger, “angrier” whiteheads. Plus, they may feel a little bit painful to the touch. It’s quite tempting to squeeze right away but trust me, you’ll regret it with the post-breakout scar. When it comes to pustules pimples, patience is a virtue. Just wait until whitehead is visible. Then you can carefully remove it.


Nodules and Cysts

Nodules and cysts are larger than papules and pustules plus this one more painful than others. Since the bump under the skin that take quite a while to go away and may leave unwanted scars. Inflamed acne happens when a plug ruptures a follicle wall and leaks fluid onto the skin. This may cause your immune system then responds to inflammation. If you do get this kind of acne, don’t ever or dare to squeeze this because it definitely going to leave scars on your face.



Last but not least, type of pimples would be papules. These pimples are pink or red dome-shaped bumps, varying in size from a pin head to half an inch. There is no visible fluid and they don’t contain pus. Usually this type of pimples are painless unless scratched or picked. Like all other pimples, papules are caused by increasing of oil and bacteria inside the pore trapped by dead skin cells. If your immune system fights the infection with white blood cells, papules will be slightly inflamed.

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