Goodbye blackheads, and Hello to your clear new skin!

If you’re reading this, then you might be familiar with these problems:

  1. Invested in many expensive products claiming to be able to remove blackheads but they never seem to get the job done. Scrubs, peel-off mask, charcoal mask, etc.. You name it, you did it. Might as well be your ‘Christmas List’.
  2. Overscrubbed your own skin until your skin became worse and never really removes blackheads.
  3. ‘Rocky-road’ sensation to your skin on the nose, or worse, on the cheek area (and they are stubborn too!) as you glide your fingers on them. Wish you can just ‘iron’ them away.
  4. Recurring acne on the same area again and again. The stress, I know.
  5. Uneven application of makeup, must use concealer.
  6. Wish for a miracle every day so you can go out without makeup even for just a day!
  7. Formation of large pores due to picking blackheads.
  8. Find yourself filtering your selfies on Instagram.

To remove blackheads you need to target from the core. Let’s school you first, a little intro about the biology of blackheads.


I know this is some boring biology but you need to know how blackheads are formed.

Blackhead is formed when overproduction of sebum (or skin cell overgrowth) meant to protect and hydrate your skin, somehow clumped together with the dead skin cells on your skin surface, thus cause clogging to your pore. The black coloured thingies which had their heads popping out from the pore that you see in the mirror are called open comedones. Because the sebum is ‘open’ to the air, it oxidizes and then turns black.

 But do not underestimate blackheads. They are not innocent as they look.

Even though they are easy to be extracted using fingers or an extractor, you are only extracting the comedones out. The possible infected sebum underneath has accumulated and grown discreetly under those black comedones. If the extracting process is incomplete, the puss inside will make its way to spread. You will get yourself some neighbouring pustules spreading like a snowball effect or a falling domino.

Plus, especially for the hardened (old) comedones, they may have enlarged the opening of your pores during their unwelcomed stay, and do not revert back to its original size when you manually force them out, you do not remove blackheads, but you are only causing recurring blackheads and obvious large pores!

This is why scrubbing is not a go-to way to remove blackheads. It will just backfire, y’know.

Phew, that’s all you need to know. Now let’s reveal the secret to my clear smooth skin how I remove blackheads. It is BHA!

BHA is an acronym for beta hydroxy acid. Another more commercial name for BHA is salicylic acid. Familiar?

BHA BlackHead Power Liquid by Cosrx, RM81 RM73 (- 10% currently) on

BHA is a chemical exfoliant. It removes blackheads by penetrating your pores and exfoliate the junks inside out completely as well the skin surface. This way you can avoid harsh treatment to your skin and let BHA do all the dirty work for you to remove blackhead effectively. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Trust me, I have tried it, it feels really satisfying as it sounds! My skin is now clear and smooth.

I also experienced the following feel-good rewards, and you will too!

  • First, more even skin tone.
  • Second, smooth sensation to the touch.
  • Third, it calms my super sensitive skin especially if you have over scrubbed your skin.
  • Last but not least, reduce the possibility of breakouts due to the trapped sebum underneath.

Product review by a customer after using BHA Blackhead Power Liquid for only 2 weeks from Cosrx Instagram page:

Be the next in line. Happy trying! Good Luck.

Reminder: Since BHA exfoliates your skin surface, only use it at night time before going to sleep, and wear a good sunscreen in the next day as your new skin is now more vulnerable to the sun.

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