3CE or know as 3 Concept Eyes is the cosmetic brand from Korean Fashion brand Stylenande. Their stuff similar to Urban Outfitters vibe which this one quite youthful and trendy. Their collection is fairly broadly known and the imagery is amazing. They have list of lipstick shade that you can try. 3CE Makeup are  available at any Sephora Malaysia store.



One of the best 3CE makeup are these lipstick. They are so soft, creamy and highly pigmented. The coverage and shine is amazing, if you glossy kind gal. These lipstick quite special in terms of their opacity and glossiness but the texture are so smooth and may be a little hard to control (example : going all over place). Overall, the range is very creative and for that reason some of the shades are quite unusual which will get worn once in while. The creamy lipstick are lovely in their own way, although their creaminess can almost too much. No worries, you can wear this during summer and party!



Next 3CE makeup would be their primer, 3CE Skin Tone Control Primer Pure Violet. This primer helps foundation adhere better on skin and lengthens the longevity of the foundation. Besides that, it gives brighter skin tone so that you can have better outcomes. This Soft Violet color will brighten up dull and dark skin while leaving a youthful and cleaner skin plus it controls oil while makeup last longer. This primer gives a natural bright and clean looking skin.

The texture of this primer is creamy but not sticky at all. When you applied it, you can see a very subtle violet in the primer and provide a moisturizing finish on your skin. Pure Violet primer is suitable for girls who had dull skin. It claims that to transform dark and dull skin into fresh and livelier skin! You can see that any redness or oily zone like T-zone will completely covered. As a primer, it works really well and make your foundation or BB cream last longer on your face.


Shimmer Stick

When it comes to contouring and highlighting, you always need a very high quality glow kit either stick or powder form. 3CE makeup had launch shimmer stick in varies of shade but today I’m gonna discuss shimmer stick in peach color. Since it is in peach color, it will become more peachy and it is perfect for those who want to achieve very fresh and glowy makeup. Their quality of the product is good and everything is easy to apply and easy to blend.


Fitting Cushion Foundation

The latest release from 3 Concept Eyes is their base cushion. This product description is a cushion compact foundation keeps your face looking perfectly fresh just like the start of the day and avoid further darkening of the skin. The light-weight, low viscosity formula helps the foundation adhere to skin instantly while providing excellent coverage just like liquid foundation. This cushion foundation have 4 types which are :


Anti Darkening Cushion Foundation : No more unexpected surprises due to dull and gloomy skin during the day. This cushion foundation will enhance your face looking pretty and perfectly fresh to start your day and prevent any further darkening of the skin,


Portable Cushion Foundation : The light-weight and low viscosity formula not only helps to adhere the skin but also provide high coverage just like the liquid foundation. Now, you can have a flawless skin on the go with this portable foundation

Fitting and Long Lasting : The light-weight foundation on the puff accentuate your face feature and gentle on your skin. It also give natural nude color for highly smooth finish


Flawless Complexion Filled with Moisture : This cushion foundation effectively hydrates your skin by forming a good moisture barrier for your skin complexion full of dewy radiance.

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