Are you on the look for affordable makeup brush set but can’t seem to find one that suit your budget? Zoeva and Sigma brushes are so good and high quality but the price can be a little bit too expensive for some people. However ladies, you can now forget those international brands because currently, there are local makeup brush sets that are so affordable and most importantly, they are well made too!

Here are five affordable makeup brush sets that are produced by local brands that you need to check out!

Sendayu Tinggi

Sendayu Tinggi (ST) is a very well established local makeup line and they’ve been in the industry in more than a decade! From skincare to beauty supplements, they have everything you need including makeup brushes! ST started to expand their production by introducing their very own makeup brush set. Currently they have three sets in total but you can definitely buy them individually. My personal favorite would be the Pro Mini Brush Collection which consists of six mini brushes that are suitable for travelling. The best part is that the set only costs you RM68.90! It’s such a bargain right?

ST products are available at their physical stores and your nearest Watsons pharmacy. You may also check out their official Instagram Sendayu Tinggi as they also provide tutorials on how to use their brushes and other products!

Face Works Cosmetics

With a tagline of ‘Your Face is A Canvas’, Face Work Cosmetics offers vegan synthetic white hair instead of using goat hair. The makeup brush set called Candy Royale, comes in soft pink colored handle (so pretty for decorations too!) and with a gold rose makeup pouch so that it’s easy if you want to bring your brushes travelling! Currently the brush set is priced for only RM170 BUT you will get 15 brushes including a complete eye brush set! Yes, you read that right! You only pay like around RM10-ish for every brush which so cheap!

They also sell beauty sponges and brush eggs to help clean up your brushes. So check them out on Instagram Face Work Cosmetics and happy facework-ing!


Founded by our very own Malaysia’s No 1 singer Siti Nurhaliza, her brand has been stepping up their game to another level. They produced their very own version of oval Artiste brush and they got an overwhelming response from local beauty enthusiasts! At the moment, the brushes were introduced as free gifts for any purchases above RM80 at Watsons and Aeon Wellness. However, I’m pretty sure that the brush will be making a comeback due to the positive feedback that they received. Just wait for the official announcement from the official SimplySiti Instagram!

Breena Beauty Cosmetics

Currently Breena Beauty Cosmetics (BBC) only offers Eye Essential Kit and B101 Face Luxe Brush for only Rm139 and RM45 respectively. However you can always buy the eye brushes individually for only RM25 each! I personally really love the fact that these brushes are cruelty free and made from synthetic fiber bristles which is a great alternative for those who are vegans! The white and gold handles also makes them look so sleek and pretty on any makeup vanity! BBC are also expanding their beauty products to liquid matte lipsticks that will be launched at the end of this February! So tuned in for that loves!

CS Makeup

This brand started out by selling imported affordable makeup brush set and they gained massive followers for that. So recently, they came up with their very own makeup brush set to cater the growing demand in Malaysia market. Their brushes are sold in a 12-piece set for only RM49! What more can I say, you really need to check this brand out if you’re new to makeup and really want to purchase an affordable set. CS Makeup also sells other must have beauty products such as Color Switcher Pan and beauty sponges. So be sure to check them out!


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