The BeatBeauty Malaysia team has kindly sent me their products for me to try — and I was ecstatic.

If you don’t know much about this wonderful local brand, you’re in for a treat! Basically, BeatBeauty is Malaysia’s first ever contour and highlight stick. Now, lucky me — this mostly sought after product was actually what I have meant to try ever since they came out!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

In my parcel, I received two liquid matte lipsticks and one contour and highlight stick. I was so delighted, I went ahead and try these babies on — tak sabar sungguh.

BeatBeauty Malaysia Liquid Matte


First I’m going to start with these BeatBeauty Malaysia liquid mattes.

The team sent me two shades; of which the codes are in ‘Blair‘ and ‘Brie’.

Alright, let’s start with the packaging. I like how the packing is really simple, and the clear bottle that it comes in makes it so much handy. There’s also no label at the bottom, which also makes me happy! The reason being is that, my makeup collection is stored in acrylic drawers from Muji (basic, I know). Since I can’t keep my lipsticks upright, most of the time I find it hard to look for which lipstick to use that day. Sure, I could always tell by the labels. Yes, since it is a clear drawer — every color is laid out for me.


There’s always one point of time when I’m done with my routine, I begrudgingly reach out to lipsticks that I can only remember by shade. What makes it even worse, I reach out for the same lipstick almost everyday. To avoid getting annoyed with myself, I had to force myself to look at the drawer and pick out the colors properly.

Buang masa aku je, honestly.

That is why I love this simpler take on packaging. It’s chic, simple and makes my routine more faster.

I digress, sorry. Back to the review!

Upon opening these liquid lipsticks, I went downstairs to look for my Reese’s pieces in the fridge. Had only three (kidding, I ate seven because they’re minis) and went upstairs again just to ease the cravings. These liquid lipsticks smells like buttery chocolate. Like those kind of chocolates you used to buy when you’re younger! Unless you’re allergic, that sucks.

Anyways, they have an amazing chocolate scent. I don’t really condone artificial flavors/smells in beauty products that much, but this was an exception.

BeatBeauty Malaysia Liquid Matte – Review


BeatBeauty Malaysia
Beatbeauty Liquid Matte in ‘Blair’ | Photo: Adlil for


Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (54)
Here’s me in ‘Blair’, please ignore the tornado behind | Photo: Adlil for

If I’m not mistaken, ‘Blair’ is one of the fast-selling color there is. They have only three choice of colors as well, you can check them out on their Instagram page. Don’t worry, the other liquid matte and contour sticks for fairer skin will be reviewed by Rebecca soon!

BeatBeauty’s  liquid mattes are also a lip treatment! They made my lips feel smooth, and a bit sticky — compared to other liquid mattes I have ever tried. My lips are usually cracked 5 minutes after application, but this one was so smooth. From my photo, you can see that these lip mattes are also easy to glide!

Not to mention, the longevity. I went to eat lunch about 15 minutes after application and I was surprised that it had not budge at all. Obviously if you were to eat something oily, the color would definitely slide right off.

MeatBeauty Malaysia
Here’s another one in the code ‘Brie’ — My favorite! | Photo: Adlil for

Brie‘ is a bit drying in compared to ‘Blair‘, but I love this color so much! I think this color flatters any skin tone. It’s a dusky mauve color with a pink undertone. Definitely trendy, but perfect for everyday!

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (55)
I love this color! Makes my lips look fuller than it is | Photo: Adlil for

Below are the swatches I took on my wrist, one in natural lighting and the other with flash.

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (40)
Natural lighting, ‘Blair’ is drying and ‘Brie’ has dried | Photo: Adlil for


Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (42)
With flash | Photo: Adlil for


BeatBeauty Malaysia Contour and Highlight Stick

Now, let’s move on with our star product for this review — the BeatBeauty Malaysia Contour and Highlight stick!

I received the product in code ’03’, the darkest shade.

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (39)
Such cute packaging! | Photo: Adlil for


Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (44)
Look at this, I mean really — look at this | Photo: Adlil for

Amateur tutorial time! Since this would be one of the rare occasions of me contouring — please forgive my beginner’s luck.

BeatBeauty Malaysia Contour and Highlight Stick – Review

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (46)
So proud of myself | Photo: Adlil for

I literally lined around the areas of my nose, forehead, and cheekbones.

The color payoff was amazing. It is highly pigmented. The first glide took me by surprise!

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (48)
Getting ready to sharpen those non-existent cheekbones | Photo: Adlil for

Please keep in mind, that I was already done with my base — toner, moisturizer, face oil, and BB cream!

But before I hashtag blend that shit, I would spritz my holy grail product: My M.A.C Prep and Prime Fix + first. I tried living without it, honestly — but I could not (exaggerating). It helps to blend even the driest foundation on the flakiest skin.

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (47)
The ‘M.A.C Cosmetics, please sponsor me’ look | Photo: Adlil for


Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (49)
It smells heavenly as well | Photo: Adlil for

Afterwards, I use the “Artist” brush that I got from a local boutique and work the hashtag mentioned above.

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (50)
That’s a big toothbrush | Photo: Adlil for

I was astonished at this point. I don’t even know if it was the Fix + or the brush — the blending was so quick and easy!

Just kidding.

The stick is easy to work with, honestly. I love it so much already! It doesn’t even cake my base!

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (51)
Two-faced | Photo: Adlil for

Maybe I’m just unlucky that I suck at contouring, but girl — the final look is perfect for me. I’m well highlighted and nose appears slimmer. Apparently can’t do much about the cheeks, though.

The verdict on this, after half an hour — no oiliness was apparent, making this one long-lasting.

And the best part — it’s wudu’ friendly to all my Muslim babes out there! This will definitely be a staple in my makeup bag!

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (52)
Final look! | Photo: Adlil for

And that’s it for my reviews and swatches. I must say, I feel so lucky to receive products that I actually love!

Let me know if you girls enjoy this review!

BeatBeauty Malaysia Liquid Matte & Highlight and Contour Stick – Swatches

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (41)
The swatches | Photo:

BeatBeauty Contour and Highlight Stick RM 110

BeatBeauty Liquid Matte is RM 59

Thank you, BeatBeauty Malaysia team!

Be sure to follow their social media accounts for incredible sales!




What would you get from this brand — liquid mattes or contour stick?

I say both!

This post is in Sponsored collaboration with BeatBeauty Malaysia.

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