As we all know that Becca Cosmetics is popular with their highlighter product which the one of the glow in the highlighter world. Beauty experts and makeup artist raving about how this Becca highlighter gave a very beautiful and subtle glow that accentuate your face feature.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector available in 3 forms which are liquid, cream and pressed powder.


Original (Liquid form)

This form has the most slip with a thin and almost like water-consistency that spread very well on your skin although you have a dry skin. The dry patches won’t be a problem and mixes easily with other products like foundation or moisturizer. This highlighter (liquid form) is suitable for anyone who like dewy with less shimmer and visible color, best for all over luminosity.

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Poured (Cream form)

Becca Highlighter in cream form has nearly opaque color coverage with stronger shine than the liquid ones. It has thin texture that doesn’t feel wet or tacky on the skin. Plus, it spreads and blends out very well so sheerer coverage is totally possible.


Pressed (Powder form)

Next, becca highlighter in pressed powder form has opaque color coverage with the strongest sheen and the most noticeable shimmer particles. This highlighter is the easiest to over-apply on the skin and then have the finish which emphsize pore with the powder version

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List of Highlighter

When it comes to decing, you must choose wisely based on your skin conditions too. So, thing that you should consider first are what type of products you usually use and what level of coverage you want to have the most of the time. If you have dry skin condition, you can try liquid or cream forms. If let say you have oil skin conditions, cream and powder are the best for you to try. Another one, if you don’t like a lot of shimmer, you can try liquid one but if you are glow and shimmer lover, the best for you would be powder form. The colors are consistent and looks very glowy on your skin.



As for moonstone, the liquid version is the sheerest, while the cream verion is a little bit yellower and more pigemented than the liquid and powder forms. As for the powder one, it looks most reflective.



All 3 are almost the same in color. Only the powder form look more smidgen darker and has a higher sheen with most noticeable and attractive color.



As for this highlighter shade, it is only offere in liquid and cream version at this time. Both versions have similar and identical color with cream form like being more pigemented and give smoother and subtle effect on the skin


Rose Gold 

As for rose gold shade, the cream version is slightly darker with a smoother sheen. As for the liquid and powder forms are almost the same in color but offer different opacities and powder version is more metallic on the skin

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The actual shade is consistent across all three. But you will see that the cream and powder version are much more intense as they being more pigmented. The cream form give the smoothest glow and as for powder version has more shimmery finish.

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