If you are a drugstore girl like me, then you would probably have faced the same problem as I did.

Finding the best drugstore concealers

I do admit that I own and tried so many different concealers including high-ends concealers and of course I found some that I loved. But in the end, for some reasons I always go back to drugstore products. So, for years I’ve been searching for concealers that can deliver results as good as the ones from high-ends and I can finally say that I’ve found them! I’ve tried most of these concealers and I also consider the average ratings from users such as from MakeupAlley and others.

So without further due, here’s my list of 5 Best Drugstore Concealers!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

People have been raving about how this concealer is the closest dupe for the famous NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and boy, they are right about it! They are both a long wearing concealer that will cover your dark circles and blemishes. I’ve tried both and to be honest, I do love NARS a tiny bit better. Just a TINYYY bit. My reason  is because NARS is a full coverage concealer. It means that you only need some product on your face and it’ll conceal whatever you want to conceal. As for Maybelline, its coverage medium but it is buildable. And that is the only difference that makes me prefer NARS a little bit better. But if you want to talk about price wise, I’d go for Maybelline Fit Me all the way because the price is so much cheaper!

p/s: the rating on MakeupAlley is 3.8/5, out of 1298 reviews

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

This concealer is by far the cheapest concealer that works like magic! So it’s no surprise that it made into our list of best drugstore concealers. Known to be a favorite of many top beauty Youtubers such as Carli Bybel, LA Girl Pro Concealer is the perfect concealer to cover your skins imperfections. It does not crease easily and it is lightweight but opaque. Just a tip, if you have dark acne scars or dark circles, then you might want to try the orange color concealer from this range to put underneath your regular concealer. It’ll help to completely hide them away!

p/s: the rating on MakeupAlley is 3.8/5, out of 328 reviews

NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar

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Some people compares this concealer to M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer. I’ve tried the concealer form M.A.C too and I loved it! However, I wouldn’t say that NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar is a total dupe for it. I personally find its coverage is a little sheer compared to Studio Finish Concealer, though both of the textures are creamy and almost the same in consistency. However, despite it being more sheer, it doesn’t settle into the fine lines like some concealers tend to do which is a major thumbs up!

p/s: the rating on MakeupAlley is 3.7/5, out of 372 reviews

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Another Maybelline concealer made it into our list of best drugstore concealers just because they deserved it! I bought this concealer a couple of years back and I loveee how lightweight it is. It glides nicely under my under my eyes and blends so easy. However, it does not cover my dark circles completely. But if you don’t have a very dark dark circles like I do, then I think you will love this concealer to bit! You’ll love its texture, its coverage and how easy it is to apply and blend!

p/s: the rating on MakeupAlley is 4.2/5, out of 1876 reviews

Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer

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Well, I actually this is quite an old favorite concealer of mine whenever I feel lazy to apply foundation or even BB cream on. I use it on days when I feel like putting only some concealers and mascara, and I’m good to go! I’ve been using this one since I was 18 years old, and that makes a total of six years! I’ll be honest, it doesn’t offer the best coverage but it does help to minimize the appearance of my dark circles and some redness. Revlon is genius for making it in  a stick form because I find it so easy to apply on my face. Another reason why this made into my list of best drugstore concealers is because how easy it is to blend. I will usually just dab it using my fingers and the concealer will blend away like magic!

p/s: the rating on MakeupAlley is 3.5/5, out ouf 370 reviews


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