Smokey eyes, cut crease, cat-eyes, contouring and so much more. We are the beauty experts these days. Just tell which makeup theme, girls can be super pros about it. However, when it comes to brushes and makeup tools, most of us take this as simple matter.

Still remember when was the last you cleaned your makeup tools like beauty blender, brushes, fake eyelashes? You have loosen up this sloppy attitude because it bring more damage than good. Those dirts, oils and bacteria can cause you acne breakouts, skin irritation and infection too. So, there’s a few steps to clean these babies.



1. Fix your cleaning schedule

It is essential to clean your makeup tools like brushes at least once a month. Mark your calendar when you’re gonna wash it.

2.Wet the bristles

Firstly, rinse the bristles under running water. Make sure the water temperature are not too hot because this will loosen the glue and may damage the bristle too.

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3. Add baby shampoo

Fill a bowl with warm water and add one tablespoon of baby shampoo in it. Dip your brush into the solution and swirl. Then, gently massage your brush. Make sure you discard the makeup residue and dirt in that soapy water with your finger.

4. Deep-clean your brushes??

Those concealer, foundation and creamy, oily makeup seems so hard to remove due to its oleaginous texture. You can use Palmolive soap or regular dish-washing soap. Surprised? Seriously, it’s true. This is because they are good at breaking down oil and remove all makeup dirt and bacteria.

5. Rinse again

After you are done washing those beautiful babies with soap, rinse it again with water. Normal water would be okay. Avoid getting the handle wet. Squeeze the water out.

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6. Lay it dry

Let your brush dry on towel overnight. Lay it flat and don’t dry it upright because the water may soak into the handle that can cause rust.

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NOTE : Do not use hairdryer to dry them because the intense heat will ruin the fibre of the bristle. Those bristle are more fragile than our hair. So, take good care of your brushes.

7. Fluff the bristle

If the bristle are still stuck together, give it a brisk so that the bristle back to its regular fluffy shape.


8. Your brush is ready to steal the show!

After you’re done, those babies are ready to slay some smokin’ hot eye makeup. Goodluck!

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Beauty blender

As for beauty blender, you can try these few simple and quick steps.

  1. Prepare a dish-washing detergent and virgin olive oil. Pour an average amount of dish-washing soap and virgin oil together. Add some water in it.
  2. Rinse the beauty blender.
  3. Dip the beauty blender in the solution.
  4. Massage it. Keep massaging because the removal of oily and greasy texture of the concealer and foundation it’s quite difficult and may take some time but it will worth your time.
  5. After a few minutes, rinse under running water so that it can absorb water to clean in the inside. Next, squeeze those water out.
  6. Lastly, just dry it with paper towels.
  7. Done!


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