Good girl gone bad huh? Yeah every girl have that certain mood to be innocent look for the day and sometimes she wanna be fierce! Girls, fasten your seat belts because we gonna learn color list and best brands for lipstick from light shade to dark shade which gives us the strong impression for our makeup look. Let’s start with “Good Girl” shades that known as Nude lip color.


Au Naturale (Nude shade)

A gloss of nude lipstick is an effortless way to express a look that you made some effort. Nude is one of favorite color list for someone who prefer natural look. Usually the perfect nude are the ones makes you look fresh and young as long the shades matches with you skin tone, you are good to go! Unfortunately, lot of women pick the wrong color that are too light, too opaque. For nude color, you girls can try Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick and this brand have become one of girl’s favorite especially for those addicted to lipstick. Here’s some guide how to rock those innocent color for your complexion.


Colorpop describe this shade as “soft neutral beige”. It is the second to the lightest color in the range and definitely the most nude of all. This one look more wearable with combination of darker lip liner.


As for Trap which they described as “dusty greyed-out beige” which is quite accurate. This lip color is a stoney grey taupe shade that gives such a unique color with a little touch of lilac color in it. Wear with a suitable lip liner which gives the best combo.


“Dusty warm terracota” known as Tulle. It’s a mid-tone warm pinky brown which is perfect for everyday look during fall season.

Princess Girlish (Pink, Coral, Peach shade)

After nude shades, let’s go to for next color list, which is brighter pink, coral and peachy game color! These range color a perfect for a night out with your girlfriends, dating with your crush on Saturday night or karaoke with buddies. For this shades, I suggest you try NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream because the texture are more like the combination of lip gloss and lipstick which are creamy and smooth. You may feel a slight glossiness but when your lips started to dry, it turned out a perfect matte finish. This shade are highly pigmented and basically take 4-5 minutes to settle down.


Known as matte deep rosy pink. It looks very salmon pink but just a little bit darker but if you in natural light,it will look more pinky but in artificial light, it more to coral shade. This color are perfect for spring or summer too!


Mid tone gorgeous pink shade. This color is one of the shades that you can duet with only eyeliner and mascara on but still gives you instant fresh look on your face.


Nyx describe this color as Matte Merlot. It is a beautiful violet-pink, which looks great for fair and darker skin too. They are quite light on the lips.

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Devilish Red (Red)

Red. We symbolized this color of bravery, sexy and bold in lipstick color list. What do Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and Adele have in common? Their signature of red lips! Swatch those sexy pout lips with these shades. Are you red-dy? Let me introduce The Holy Trinity of MAC lipstick

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo lipstick is a matte finish and it’s very soft  on the lips and not all drying. As for it’s pigmentation, just one swipe is enough.

Russian Red

If you are of one the red’s girl, you are definitely need to add this to your collection, girl! Russian Red also of a matte finish lipstick and it’s very comfortable to use.

Lady Danger

Code Red, Code Red, you’re in danger! Why? Because this lipstick going to slay your looks and kill those party people! This beautiful lipstick know as coral-red which the color is orange-red and a matte finish.

Bad Girl All The Way (Dark color)

When it comes to a bad girl or dark girl looks,next color list is we always go back to the one and only our beauty tattoo gal, Kat Von D. She’s the perfect artist  which brings out the bold and daring look with super cool lip colors. Yes, we are not talking about simply red, pink but more to black, blue, dark red, etc. The best brand would be Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Their have nude and red shades too but I love the dark ones. Kinda disturbia?


Damned also described as “black cherry” which the color looked like a blackened burgundy with semi-opaque color too. It’s a matte finish and full coverage for your lips.

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Echo which also known as Satin Navy Blue. The color is a navy blue with a purple-leaning and strong with a matte finish. It’s pigmented, immovable and very sophisticated color.


Last but not least, Witches which known as Pitch Black. This color is a true, dark black with matte finish. If you wanna try this color, you have to be confident to slay this shade. Remember this, good girl go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere…..

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