In Dior Rouge Dior, “she feels good, so good.”

You know the feeling when you apply a great quality of foundation, you end up with your skin looking and feeling luxurious? These Rouge Dior Lipsticks for Fall 2016 are exactly that.

First of all, Dior recently released and revamped its Rouge Dior from its historic satin-finish palette with a new ultra-matte finish. Additionally, there are 36 satin finish shades, 11 matte finish shades, plus four extreme matte shades in more experimental colours.

Sporting its new design, Rouge Dior now features a striking fresh metallic packaging that sits more solidly and elegantly in the hand, a precious, intimate object you want to keep. A true object of desire, this new lipstick appeals to a new generation of women with its stylish colour palette, from lightly transgressive to beautifully well-behaved.

Other than that, the new Rouge Dior has a cool, less intimidating mood but still goes for perfection in each tiny feature. Such as its refined stick and its couture case crafted with secret little details: for a touch of personal luxury, the inside of each cap is attired in the Rouge 999 shade, Dior’s flamboyantly sexy signature.

I love how Dior is experimenting with brave colors!



Alright, enough with the facts. Let’s get to the fun part — SWATCHES! I’m going to let the photos do the talking from now on.

Arm Swatches

Dior Rouge
With natural light


Dior Rouge
With camera flash

You could see which are satin and which are matte!

Lip Swatches

So, we are going to start off with scrubbed and balmed lips. I used a sugar scrub and prepped my lips with my usual lip balm. In the case that I didn’t have any sugar scrub near me — I would use my toothbrush (with soft bristles) to brush the dead skin off. Then I’ll put layers of lip balm on, and wait for 5 minutes to set. Since I have very dry lips, this step is always crucial.


Dior Rouge
Lips are prepped and primed!


I love this shade the best. There’s something about a red lipstick that I can’t ever describe. Rouge Dior’s matte texture is honestly not drying like most matte lipsticks do. The best part; I don’t even need a lip liner (but you honestly do, to not make the lips bleed). The pigmentation is beyond lovely. One swipe and it’s already full on. 5 minutes after applying, I already feel like Natalie Portman.

Excuse me while I ditch my million-dollar wedding and fly off on a random heli.


Dior Rouge with Adlil
Such a classic red


Dreaming of dapper French men and baguettes
Dreaming of dapper French men and baguettes


It brings out the inner sexiness (lol)
It brings out the inner sexiness (lol)


This shade is everything! I was so excited to try this elephant grey one, but it was pretty chalky when applied. I love how bold and ridiculous I looked, but it’s all good. This cement shade belongs in the Extreme Matte collection. Dior Cosmetics’ Creative Director created four shades (I have received two of them) to express unlimited creativity. I feel like it’s really cool for a luxury brand such as Dior would come up with shades like this.


Looks like cement, feels like cement


I look so ridic(ulous)


Dior with theCovets
Hmm, I wonder how creative can I go with this shade?


047 MISS

 This fuschia color reminds me so much of Miss Dior! The lipstick just glide on my lips all buttery and the satin finish is just amazing. Almost feels like the pigments melts onto my lips. It is incredibly pigmented and opaque even after the first swipe. I don’t normally go for bright pink colors, but this shade is the perfect balance of being bright but not too “out there”.


Dior with theCovets
It’s sooooo smooth!


Definitely brighten up my mood


It’s Miss, actually *laughs at own joke*


Not gonna lie; I was kinda disappointed when I found that it was midnight blue rather than black. Nevertheless, I love it anyways. This shade also belongs to the Extreme Matte Shades collection. Even though it’s matte, it glides on so smooth! I’m in love with this shade so much that I even wore it out for lunch with the boyfriend, haha.

Simply gorgeous (I meant the lipstick, btw)


Visionary Matte (2)
It goes well with my eye makeup


Visionary Matte (3)
Feelin’ the Wednesday Addams vibe


I wanted to test to see whether there is a full use of the cement color, and boy am I glad I did. Please note that this was done only with Montaigne Matte — on the bottom lip.


I call this my Skylie (of Kylie Cosmetics) hack. At first I thought, “Ooh, what a pretty blue shade! I can ask people to go for this combination!” only to realize that nobody would purchase a high end lipstick just for creative purposes. Unless you’re dedicated — kudos to you!


Skylie (2)
Mama Smurf


Skylie (1)
The blue looked way better with a smile, tbh


Be prepared to feast your eyes on the most prettiest lilac shade, ever. I didn’t know I could pull of this shade. It is all kinds of aesthetics.

Not too shabby, eh?

Untitled design (3)
Lumpy Space Princess


Untitled design (4)
Oh. My. Glob.


Last but not least, my favorite combination! The bright red was muted into a mauve pink. It’s the most ideal shade, I would say!

Untitled design (1)
Ahhh, I’m obsessed!


Dior Lipstick
This combo softens my overall look

Having done all the lip swatches, I would say the new Rouge Dior lipsticks are amazing. The quality it gives, as well as the flexibility of the colors — absolute stunning. With numerous colors to choose from, I would say that this line caters to younger women as well (as people seemed to associate Dior Cosmetics brands to older women here in Malaysia). I would definitely go ahead and purchase a few myself!

Rouge Dior Lipsticks for Fall 2016 is available at all Dior counters and costs RM 125 each.

The products featured in this post were provided by LVMH PERFUMES & COSMETICS, but as always, all opinions are my own!

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