Sendayu Tinggi (ST) originally founded by Rozita Ibrahim on 1998. Rozita also known as Bonda and her daughter, Noor Hayati or Yatie are the backbones of this well-known local brand. They have been in health and beauty industry for a long time and has become one of the top local health and cosmetic brand among Malaysian. One of their best-selling makeup product is the Doll Skin Foundation Sendayu Tinggi which is in their Hijabi Doll Collection.

I believe some of you might not notice the facts that this foundation which is as good as other high-end international products you have been chasing before, and you will actually be surprised how good it was after trying it!

Doll Skin Foundation Sendayu Tinggi


There are 4 shades for you to choose – 01 (Very Cute), 02 (So Sweet), 03 (Too Pretty) and 04 (Quite Lovely). It is in a small, pink jar where you can scoop the foundation using your finger tips and easily apply on your face. The foundation feels thick and creamy, but leaves you a natural look. For better blending, you will need to use beauty blender or foundation brush.

My face is quite fair, so I have used Doll Skin Foundation 01 Very Cute for over 2 years now and it does not failed me.

doll skin foundation review

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The Pros

The best thing about this Doll Skin foundation Sendayu Tinggi is, it succeed in covering every single flaws on my face! The ability of medium to full coverage makes me feel more confidence without my acne scars. You will just need to apply a light amount of powder for finishing. Unlike others, high-end foundations which easily oxidized, Doll Skin foundation Sendayu Tinggi also is easier to blend in with your skin and does not make your face fairer in abnormal way like some other foundations. Your face would not look “cakey” as it blend in perfectly into your skin tone.

It also has Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which is SPF 15 to protect your face from excessive sun exposure. Another pros is my makeup could stay all day long with Doll Skin foundation and the makeup look so much better with matte, doll-looking skin after a long time. Does not contain chemicals and paraben, it is definitely safe to your skin too! Besides, the price is so affordable and worth-buying. One jar could last for over one year as you will only need a tiny amount of it to cover your whole face (however make sure you do not miss the expiry date).

The Cons

These are not truly the cons of this product. For those with acne prone skin you can try out this foundation, however you will need to clean up your face thoroughly as it might clog your pores causing your face to breakout. For dry skin, make sure to put on your moisturizer to avoid uneven patches on your face. Other than that, I do not think there is any more cons of this product.



How to choose your shades?

Those with fair white cool undertones skin, 01 Very Cute with pinkish white foundation suits you the best. If you had a neutral undertones skin, you can choose to have 02 So Sweet (white but a bit yellowish) and 03 Too Pretty (white but a bit pinkish). 04 Quite Lovely is for people with warm undertones which is far from yellowish and pinkish skin.


Definitely! I have used this for years and these are my thoughts. This brand product could be one of the best local foundation I have used all this while. With small amount applied on my face, it covers everything, leaving my face glowing and looks flawless.

Where can you get it?

You can get it from Sendayu Tinggi physical outlets and the nearest Watson’s pharmacy. Also can be purchase through their website. Do not forget to check out their official Instagram for makeup tutorials and users review too.

So, what more I can say, you really need to try this doll skin foundation Sendayu Tinggi. It is really worth trying especially those who wanted a dolly looking skin. For those who had already try this Doll Skin foundation by Sendayu Tinggi, how was it? Have you fall in love with it like I do?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving some comments below!



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