Erborian –  When Paris meets Seoul, beauty miracles do happen.

Some of you may have heard of the Korean-French hybrid brand over the years. You may have also heard that their BB crème is the best-selling BB cream in Europe, or has quickly became any skincare junkie’s holy grail. And perhaps you’ve seen Erborian products being awarded by beauty editors, for being part of their favorites too.

If you have read this post, you would know by now how I feel about French cosmetics. However, when the L’Occitane team sent me these products to review — admittedly, I was over the fence. I wondered if the brand truly stood by the philosophy of Korean skincare, considering Korean and French beauty concepts are completely different. The fusion was just intriguing!

Erborian – The History

Photo: LÓccitane Group

Erborian was created by two women: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. They share the same dream, that of revealing Korean beauty secrets to the rest of the world. A veritable fusion of French luxury and Korean natural cosmetics, Erborian associates the most sophisticated technologies and the best ingredients from Korean pharmacopeia (traditional pharmaceutical knowledge) to create unique formulas.

By the way, Erborian’s name is derived from the words “Herbs of the Orient“. The name evokes the synergy of plants that is at the heart of the formulation of each of their products, inspired by powerful preparations of traditional Korean medicine.

In 2012, Erborian becomes a part of the L’OCCITANE Group.

Erborian PP-BB-CC Cremés – The Products


From right: Pink Perfect Cremé, BB Cremé and CC Cremé | Photo: Adlil for

Pink Perfect Crème (with Diospyros Kaki) – RM74/15ml

Product Description: The secret to natural morning glow, to be applied 1st as primer. In Korea, the persimmon (or Kaki) is called “gam”. Due to its numerous and beneficial therapeutic properties, it was considered the national fruit. The leaves of Diospyros Kaki, literally meaning “fruit of the gods”, were used for centuries in traditional Korean medicine and botanical studies. They were combined with precious oils: pumpkin seed oil to regulate sebum production, horsetail extract to improve skin quality, and camellia oil to regenerate the skin and enhance cellular protection, while also providing anti-inflammatory action.

Personal Review: This subtly iridescent, exquisite skin care formula provides sheer, beautiful coverage. With its pearly “blur” effect, it gives a luminous, translucent finish and a natural-looking healthy glow, while also visibly refining skin’s texture. I would definitely repurchase this once it’s done — it’s the best primer I have used so far!

CC Crème – High-Definition with Radiance – RM94/15ml

Product Description: This high-tech, multi-use formula to help improve the appearance of the skin, making it look luminous and soft, with a velvety, ultra-soft finish. This “High-Definition” illuminator, with its fine texture, contains encapsulated pigments to enhance skin’s beauty. Upon application it adapts to the skin tone, naturally revealing a more even, more beautiful complexion. The CC Cremé HD is formulated with Centella Asiatica, which helps to protect, hydrate and boost radiance while helping to unify and camouflage dehydration fine lines and refine the appearance of skin’s texture. It also helps to conceal skin imperfections.

Personal Review: This hero product made my skin feel soft and radiant. Not only that, I looked flawless — in “High-Definition”. This Cremé is by far my most favorite out of the three.


BB Crème Clair  – RM84/15ml

Product Description: This best-selling formula basically provides the sheerest coverage, for a visibly perfect skin. This complexion-enhancer contains an association of traditional herbs, used in Asia for ages, to help; 1) Even out and mattify complexion, 2) Moisturize and “plump” the skin, 3) Refine skin’s texture, 4) Reduce the appearance of blemishes, and 5) Gives a non-oily, velvety finish, just like “baby skin”.

Personal Review: I received the product in the lightest shade, which I worry that it might not suit my skin tone. Of course,  the promise of “baby skin” delivered—in the form of a clean, velvet-matte finish that, my lizard scaly patches turned plumped and softened. Fortunately, the lightest shade blends seamlessly, does not oxidize oddly and leaves no trace of residue behind.

All in all, these Cremés are a definite HIT for me.

  Dress Up Your Skin With Erborian PP-BB-CC Cremés

With these three Cremés, you might discover a personalized way to put on your desired finish for that perfect cosmopolitan look.

Which city destination would you like to go today?

The Seoul Look

Waiting for Lee Min Ho to pick me up in his heli | Photo: Adlil for


(PP + BB Crème) – Eclat porcelain & glowy

Pink Perfect and BB Creme for The Seoul Look | Photo: Adlil for

The Paris Look

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (77)
On my way to corner café for some croissants and baguettes | Photo: Adlil for

(PP + CC Crème) – All natural, luminous & smooth

For The Paris Look, Erborian’s Pink Perfect and CC Creme were used | Photo: Adlil for


The New York Look

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (80)
‘Scuse me, attending NYFW rn, nbd | Photo: Adlil for


(PP + CC + BB Crème) – Sophisticated with perfect coverage

All of the Erborian Cremes for The New York Look | Photo: Adlil for


Have you heard or tried Erborian products? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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