We can’t have snow here in Malaysia, but with Essie Winter 2016 Collection — there’s something to be chilly about.

When Essie revealed their Winter collection, I can’t help but stare my computer screen in awe. These six bottle are so festive and bright that I couldn’t contain my excitement! I’m not usually one keeping up with seasonal nail colors, but I was clearing emails that day — and I got way distracted.

When we talk about selecting a nail polish color, it might turn out to be a difficult task with all the crazy options today. Especially when it comes to this festive month! Well, to help you I came up with some points which might help you in narrowing down your selection. Girl, I gotchu. If you’re thinking about how to select the right nail polish color for your situation for this month, be it to a party or for everyday — then the Essie Winter 2016 Collection might be for you.

First and the foremost, you should consider when selecting your nail polish color is what exactly you’ll be doing. Is there an occasion or a special event? Just going to the groceries? Taking pre-wedding photos? The suitable colors vary accordingly, as there are different colors for parties, weddings, dates etc — this is merely as guidance for the clueless (a.k.a myself).

Are you keeping up? Or are you lost?

Essie Winter 2016 Collection for A Professional Festive Look

Now, the finest colors for the professional environment this seasons (for any season, really) are simple, light neutral colors. Neutral colors display your dressier side. Also, muted colors work wonders in these situations. If you’re going ahead for a presentation, you definitely don’t want to create the distraction because of the color that you are wearing. Therefore, it is always suggested to go for neutral or muted color nail polish. And if the environment is extremely conservative then its best to go with clear polish.

From the Essie Winter 2016 Collection, the best choices would be Getting Groovy, Go with the Flowy, and Oh Behave!

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Getting Groovy, a metallic gold palladium | Source: Instagram.com


Essie Winter 2016 Collection
Get On with the Flowy, a cloudlike dove gray | Source: Pinterest.com


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Essie Winter 2016 Collection
Oh Behave!, a minx peach frost |Source: Instagram.com


Essie Winter 2016 Collection for A Festive Party Look

Now let’s talk about something that’s more exciting, for example, a Christmas party. In situations like party, do not hesitate to experiment with a lot of heavy, fun colors. This is certainly a good time for you to play with color which you do not use typically every day. Swap the usual party colors such as silver and gold shades for blue ruby or even bronze! Also, before choosing the nail polish colors, some of you might have to consider the jewelry that you are going to wear. You wouldn’t want to care, to be honest — just have fun with it!

From the Essie Winter 2016 Collection, the best choices would be Satin Sister, Party on A Platform, and Ready to Boa.

Satin Sister, a sleek ebony peacock blue | Source: Pinterest.com

Party On A Platform, a London garnet red | Source: Pinterest.com

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Essie Winter 2016 Collection
Ready To Boa, a glistening bronzed mahogany | Source: Instagram.com


I hope that the above mentioned points will help you to understand the nail polish color you should go for. There are numerous options to select from, so make it certain that you mix it up to have a lot of fun!

So what are your thoughts? Does Essie Winter 2016 ( also known as the Essie Getting Groovy Collection) speaks out to you?

Omg. Me too!

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