Face contouring can be a nightmare for some of us. Just like you, I was once afraid of contouring my face. I watched multiple of makeup tutorials and I know every theory possible about contouring but I didn’t have the courage to try it. I was afraid that my face might look patchy and muddy due to the poor contour skill that I have. So one day, I just decided that I have to do it. I have to start somewhere, I have to start contouring my face because if you never try then you’ll never improve, right?

I gave myself a chance to start practicing contouring my face and the next thing I know, I’m addicted to it! Face contouring helps your features to look more dimensional (and slimmer!) when you apply a full face makeup. Some beginners mistake is that they tend to avoid contouring while wearing a full face makeup and that can actually make their face look flat. So adding some shadows to your face can definitely bring out your face features.

Contouring 101

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Depending on the face shape, there are five places that people contour; cheek, nose, temples, jaw line and inner corner of the eyes. We will go through this one by one. Before that, here are the things that you need for face contouring: cream/powder that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone and a contour brush to blend. You may also need a translucent loose powder depending on your preference.

So let’s start our face contouring lesson!


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Contouring your cheeks will give the effect of a slimmer face. So try putting some shadow below the apples of your cheeks starting from the hairline near the ear right down towards your cheek. Do it in a back and forth motion in order to blend the product. Remember to use a light hand so that it’s easier for you to blend. Don’t use too much product at one time because it’ll make your face look patchy and muddy and it’ll be a lot harder to blend. Always start little by little while building it up. I sometimes put some translucent powder underneath my cheek contour to further emphasize it.


If you have a small forehead, the you can skip this step like I do because the purpose of contouring your temples is to make your forehead appear smaller. So if you already have a small forehead and you still contour it, then you’ll only make it look so much smaller which can look a bit weird. My tip is to put three fingers on your forehead and see if there are any area left. If your forehead is full with only your fingers then you don’t need to contour it. If it doesn’t, then you can start contouring by putting some products near the hairline and blending it in a round motion. Blend until there are no harsh lines visible.


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Contouring your nose can be a little bit tricky that even I still need some practice to perfect it. For this part you will need a smaller brush. Just take a little bit of product and put in on the sides of your nose, creating a straight line. Start from the area below your eyebrows and bring it towards the tip of your nose. And depending on your nose type, you may add more shadows to the tip if you want to make it look smaller and less round. Don’t forget to blend! You don’t want your nose to look harsh with all the lines.


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This is my favorite part just because it can hide my double chin! Just apply some products along your jaw line and blend it downwards and voila! You’ll get a whole new slimmer face haha. But again, don’t forget to blend as blending is the key.

Inner corner of the eyes

This one is an option. I do contour between my eyes because my eyes are too wide apart. So to give the illusion of having a closer eyes, I have to contour. Just put some products near the corner of your eyes area and blend it towards your nose contour lines.

So that’s it! Face contouring is not that hard right? However, this is only the introduction for beginners actually. There are a lot more I can write about contour such as the undertones for your contour color or how to choose the right shades. But for now, these information would do. So, happy contouring and good luck!

p/s: I would suggest for you to use powder as I find it easier to blend

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