First of all; our hands go through a lot on a daily basis. Be it typing at work, styling our hands with dainty jewelry stacking, orhigh-fiving during your ‘our-boss-sucks’ moment; hand creams are a totally necessity. Still, hand creams remain the least thinkable beauty product to be prioritized. While most people spend a lot on skincare and hair; hands as well show signs of aging – sometimes even more than the face (yikes!). In a way, hand creams are a powerful combat when it comes to anti-aging.

Therefore, it is well-known that your hands can reveal how many birthday candles you are getting this year. As you grow older, you will notice dark spots, purple veins, and loose skin on your mittens – very blatant. Therefore, it is high time to pamper your hands and give them some TLC. And a perfect place to start is by reviewing the best hand creams, for your vanity and your handbag.

These super moisturizing hand creams are must-have skin savers.



Hand and Nail Cream, Caudalíe

Caudalíe’s antioxidant grape range would not be complete without their famous moisturizing hand and nail cream. Additionally, this perfumed cream provides silky hands and lasting comfort; leaving your skin soft and nourished all day long!



Eau Rose Hand Emulsion, Diptyque

Eau Rose hand emulsion is the epitome of mysterious; the concoction of the Queen of flowers (Centifolia and Damask Roses) with hints of lychee, cedar and honey. It has a lavish, yet light texture to it. Hence, its perfect for when he wants you to meet his parents. Your (future) mother-in-law will marvel at your soft hands, all thanks to the macadamia oil and Aloe Vera!


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The Hand Treatment, La Mer

Is there anything that La Mer doesn’t do wrong? To begin with, this favorite product protects and helps to heal even the driest skin. The Hand Treatment has a silky formula to soothe hands and create an emollient barrier; improving tone and clarity while visibly diminish aging spots on your hand. This splurge is definitely worth it!



Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment, Elizabeth Arden

For those of you who are constantly exposed to harsh environments (air-conditioning, blazing sun) – this non-greasy, fast-absorbing cream moisturizes for up to eight hours! Moreover, it helps with smoothing the roughness, nourishes the dryness and leaving your hands soft as butter. Now who wouldn’t want that?


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Shea Butter Hand Cream, L’Occitane 

Last but not least, the infamous Shea Butter Hand Cream. This hand cream remains best-selling for two reasons: it’s balmy texture AND healing and protect dry or chapped skin. Don’t get me started on the aroma – the alluring blend of jasmine and ylang ylang essences: pure heaven. What I love the most about this range is their motto: Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning. My goodness, it’s so uplifting!


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