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You might have done your eye bags makeup wrong.

Ever wonder how people get that flawless makeup on the eye area without looking cakey at the end of the day?

Even though you have smothered the best, most expensive concealers in the market, but those eye bags just don’t go away!

“I just want to cover my eye bags without looking fake.”

We get it, you have probably invested yourself in premium brands like NYX or Tarte concealers but what is it that you do wrong?


Are you living in the fast lane? There are many factors that contribute to eye bags but never let those eye bags stop you girl! Why you have eye bags:

– Tiredness/lack of sleep (everybody IS guilty of this!)

– Pollution

– UV Ray


Do not be such a miser. How to get rid of eye bags? INVEST yourself in some good eye creams. A good eye cream has a chock full of antioxidants (makes it obvious too), gives a high surge of hydrationcalms the eyes’ puffiness and makes your eyes feel really refreshed! Here is my personal favourite:

ARTISTRY Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream, RM129.20

I’ve tried it, and I swear by this. This is my No. 1 go-to eye cream. The price is worth it. The whole range is good too if you are looking for antioxidant-rich skin care. Not greasy, not heavy but gives you ample hydration you need to prep for your next eye makeup.

You can only get your hands on this from any official Amway distributors or directly go to the Amway HQ centre in Petaling Jaya (‘waze’ that). Or become a distributor yourself to enjoy 40% discount seller’s price. If you live far away, email me at sitihumairaidrus@gmail.com to get it from a trusted distributor I go to 🙂

All in all, any eye cream will do as long as you have done enough survey, friend’s recommendations, etc. A consistent eye care regime and ENOUGH SLEEP will decrease the appearance of dark circles over time.


Yep, you got that right. Reach for the perfect base. It is the key on how to get rid of eye bags flawlessly done by the professionals. After providing nutrients around the eye area, now you can move on to the make-up base. The first step is to get your hands on those:


Watch this video below and see how the makeup artist uses colour corrector to get rid of eye bags using one of the red shades.

What are colour correctors? How to get rid of eye bags using them? The reason for using the shade in red is to balance the dark circles colour that is usually a blue-green colour. That’s how you read the colour correctors chart by the way. For example:

Looking for a good colour correctors? There are some in palettes so you get to have all the colours in one. But some prefer a more liquid form. Check this babe:

URBAN DECAY – Naked Skin Colour Corrector Fluid, RM105 each (from SEPHORA)

Conceal  one or two shades lighter

Great, don’t worry about your weird looking eyes right now. It is time to conceal them with a really good concealer that matches your skin tone but is one or two shades lighter. Putting the colour corrector does not just correct your dark circles, but it also acts as a base or a primer to your concealer, so it applies smoothly, prevents cakey effect at the end of the day and lasts long. Here is one my favourites:

PHYSICIAN’S FORMULA Nude Wear Glowing Nude Touch of Glow, RM52.80 (from Watsons)

I like this one because I prefer a slightly more liquidy texture and suits my natural Malay olive skin tone. This concealer has added extra glowy, dewy effect so it is also perfect for your brow bone area, but not for people who prefer a more mattifying look. This range is quite limited as it really focused on the nude, natural colour tone. I think it generally suits the average Malaysian skin tone.

I will dab the concealer with my finger and set it with a translucent powder. If you are not confident with the texture, especially people with dry skin, then opt for creamier/thicker concealerdab with a beauty blender or makeup sponge and set with a translucent/setting powder.


You have the perfect eye care and the perfect makeup tool. Now you need to learn the technique. It is all about technique. Now I need your attention to remember these ultimate tricks how to get rid of eye bags as your perfecting last step.

Professionals say:

“Only correct and conceal at the shadow area of your eye bags, NOT your WHOLE eye bags for a more natural look. You are only accentuating your dark circles even more if covering the whole area. You will be shocked by how many people do this.”

“Blend your concealer by dabbing, NOT smearing because you do not want to mess all the correcting effort you made.”

“You may try powder foundation to conceal because it is more set and buildable, using a small, slanted eyebrow brush.”

And lastly,

“If you think you’re ready to level up, master the under eye makeup to draw the attention away from your dark circles.”

Like this:

A photo posted by Ξ ff ιε (@born.to.be.et) on


Dark under eyes are not an imperfection personally for me. I always think women should not be afraid to show their fresh, bare face on some days when they feel lazy to put on makeup. It shows that you accept yourself, you are proud of your set of eyes you got from your Mama, and boys like that :).

Makeup is meant to compliment your existing natural beauty, not to change yourself, now literally how to get rif of eye bags per say.

Good Luck.

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