All you need to know about the great Kat Von D and her flawless beauty line — from her number one fan!

Okay so I have an obsession. It started as a simple makeup obsession towards all kinds of high end products like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Urban Decay and so on… But then I stumbled upon Kat Von D’s line and I have realized my true obsession of her makeup line.

I was in New York years back and as usual.. I went to Sephora for some soul-searching.

Back then, I was much younger and I had a severe acne problem, so you can only imagine the ridiculous scars it left behind.

In regards to that, I was actually finding a foundation that would cover up my acne scars without me caking the foundation on layers after layers.

I used Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Foundation (which, btw.. Isn’t bad at all, just didn’t cover up my scars properly because of the lightweight formulation) so I had to cake on the foundation to cover up my deep scars (NEVER pick on your pimples, guys).

When I got to Sephora, I asked one of the sales assistant to recommend me a good full-coverage foundation that will fit my skin without the extra fluffy cakes. She recommended the *Latest* Hot-selling KAT VON D TATTOO LOCK-IT FOUNDATION that just arrived to Sephora by then.

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Love at first sight

At first glance, I was in love. I mean look at that packaging… How can you not? I was a rebel back then, so anything that involves gothic, lace and tattoos won my heart (still will, actually).

The packaging won me but I had to know if it was worth the splurge when it comes to the formula itself. So I asked the assistant to test it on me and let me tell ya…. ONE SWIPE and I looked like I had no scars at all. I swear.

I couldn’t believe it at the time because the gel-based formula literally covered up my deep scars and filled in my open pores (this sounds disgusting, but I meant it in a good way of course, hehe) and I looked flawless.

It glides on so smoothly, it doesn’t feel heavy at all but one swipe is all it takes to cover up your flaws. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s Kat Von D, for you.

In disbelief, I asked her if this foundation will last long too and she confirmed it by telling me that it’s sweat-proof and transfer-proof too. Oh, did I mention it can cover up tattoos too? Yeap. That’s wassup.

I wish I took a picture to show you the massive difference it made on my skin.

Then, obviously without thinking any further I bought the foundation and I bought three extras because I knew I could not get my hands on it after I come back to Malaysia.

Since then, I have never bought any other foundation other than Kat Von D’s and I did not care about the shipping fees that incurred with it (maybe I did, a little bit but it’s worth it).

Years later…. [2016]

Let’s just say… 2016 has been a very generous and prosperous year for me. Why?

First, I got a job. Well, two jobs actually and I love what I’m doing for both. Second… SEPHORA BROUGHT IN KAT VON D’S LINE TO MALAYSIA’s ONLINE STORE! This made me very happy, needless to say.

I can now share with you guys how awesome the products are. Since I do not want to ramble on more about how great the products are because this post are getting too lengthy, I’ll just list out the products that YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED to get your hands on NOW. Yes, now. Just because it runs out like hot cakes on a winter night! Click on the links to find the details of each of these lovelies!


KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

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KVD Shade + Light Contour Face Palette


KVD Tattoo Liner


KVD Lock-It Concealer

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KVD Featherweight Primer

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KVD Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette



Let me know which is your favorite one out of the bunch?

Also visit KVD’s website:


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