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KOSÉ has always been one of the brands that I wanted to try as their products are all well-made and high quality. So the other day, the brand introduced ESPRIQUE Base Make Up and finally, I have my hands on them.

So I have put all of the products to test and here’s my honest review!


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This was my first time using a CC cream as a base for my makeup and honestly, I’m impressed. It managed to color correct the redness that I have around my nose and on my cheeks. The cream can be a little intimidating when first applied since the color is quite light. However, after a while it will set into the skin and blends with your skin color. The Esprique CC Base comes in two choices which are code Natural and Cover.

ESPRIQUE Fit Up Concealer UV


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The concealer conceals (obviously) troublesome spots such as under-eye circles, age spots, freckles, unevenness and blemishes. What I love about the concealer is the fact that it comes in a stick form making it the perfect concealer easy for quick touch up. Fit Up Concealer blends away easily even by using fingers, thanks to its creamy texture. Currently, the colors available for the concealers are 02 Natural and 03 Dark.

ESPRIQUE Pure Skin Pact UV

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Pure Skin Pact UV will make your skin feels soft and that will lasts all day. The compact foundation spread easily and covers pores but I would not say that it’s full coverage. It covers nicely but you will still see your scars or dark spot peeking through. If you have a nice skin without any scars, then this foundation will totally look very good on you since the finishing is just the best! There two ways of applying this foundation, either using a dry or wet sponge. For a better application, I would recommend you to wet the sponge. The foundation available in 02 Natural and 03 Dark

ESPRIQUE W Eyebrow Liquid & Powder

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KOSÉ also sent me their W Eyebrow Liquid & Powder and all I can say is that the eyebrow set is my favorite out of all the products because girls, they stay on my brows all day. It gives the most natural finishing without being too overboard. You’ll get a spoolie, brow powder to fill in the brows and a liquid tip. The best part of the liquid pen is that it makes it so much easier to draw frames for your brows. You’ll need a little bit of practice at first but once you get used to it, then it’ll be piece of cake! Not a fan of liquid? Then you can always opt for the pencil!

The only downside regarding this collection is that the color range is a bit limited for people with tan or darker skin tones. I really do wish that they will come up with a wider range so that more people can try their amazing products. Other than that, I would totally recommend the them if you love to experimenting with new products! You can always get KOSÉ’s products from the nearest physical stores or even online at KOSÉ Malaysia. So go and get yours now ladies!

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