Lipsticks complete your look of the day. It helps to brighten up your complexion even you are not wearing any makeup on your face.

You might buy different shades of lipsticks every time you shop. However, having a bunch of lipsticks doesn’t mean you are using it entirely right? Do they actually suits you? We constantly get attracted with the models wearing the lipstick as they look good in it. Once we bought it and try it out, the result unlikely the same, in the end we are using the same lipstick colors that we used to use before, instead of using the new one. Bad match is a mess!

The reason behind this is you are choosing lipsticks that clashes your complexion. We might think that the correct step in choosing the right lipstick colors is by knowing your skin tone. But finding the right lipstick colors for your skin tone is not easy and will be a bit confusing. And the shape of your lips also define by the color of your choices. So here are the tips on choosing the perfect lipstick for your complexion.

Lipstick colors: Knowing your skin tone

Knowing your skin tone is the key of choosing the right lipstick. Skin undertones can be categorized into 3 types; cool undertones, warm undertones and the mixture of the two, neutral undertones.

1-Cool undertones

Those who are having a fair, ivory, pinkish or bluish skin with bluish veins are the cool tones. You are also easily burn in the sun and silver jewelries really suits you. Bold or deep bluer tone lipstick colors will make your lips more outstanding on special occasions. For daily make up look, cool undertones should go for nude or light pink. Choosing too light lipstick colors will make you look pale.

Colors that may suit you best: beige, pale pink, pink, rosy pink, pale brown, deep chocolate, deep plum, or deep raisin.

2-Warm undertones

Greenish veins, yellowish or olive hue skin are the warm tones. Instead of sun burn, your skin are tan in the sun. You are also suits with gold jewelries. Find almost yellow or orange lipstick colors to suits your complexion.

Colors that may suit you best: light coral, peachy nude, peachy pink, coral, nude brown, warm brown, peachy brown, brown.

3-Neutral undertones

Those who unable to decide whether their veins are bluish or greenish because they own both of it usually are the neutral tones. Lucky for you, most colors suits you especially nude colors.

Lipstick colors matches your clothes? Yes or No

Yes but not exactly the same color of your clothes you are wearing. Find for lipstick that is a shade darker than your clothes to make it look more outstanding. Choose the colors that bring you excitement and shake up your style.

Deciding shapes or size of the lips you wanted

Darker shades and matte finish makes your lips looks smaller and thinner while glossy, brighter shades may accentuate your lips. If you are having a thin lips, use bright shades to make your lips looks fuller. For those with bigger lips, you can use dark shades lipstick to make your lips look a little bit more smaller and thinner. So, which one you love the best?

Lip Care Tips

Wearing lipstick could enhance your complexion but without proper care, it also damage our lips too. These are some tips on taking care of your tender lips.

  • Make sure you remove your lipstick after a long hour of makeup.
  • Use lip balm or Vaseline before bed as a special treatment to avoid dry and chapped lips.
  • Apply Vaseline before wearing any lipstick for long lasting lipstick colors.
  • Drink more water to keep your lips moist and hydrated.
  • Exfoliate your lips at least once a week.
  • Make a good choice of lipstick brand, avoid lipstick with high chemical ingredients.

Now that you know the tips, i hope you will find it easy to choose the right lipstick colors for your complexion. Having other tips on choosing the perfect lipstick? Mind to share? Feel free to leave us some comments down there ❤

Lipstick Colors that Suits Your Complexion was last modified: May 25th, 2017 by Melly